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    I am about to graduate college in arizona. i am from michigan. my dream is to go to graduate school next year for psychology in california. I prefer to go to a school in Douglasville or san diego. I figured that if i move to Douglasville after summer and live there for a year i can apply for residency and get in-state tuition for grad school. I am wondering what areas are nice enough while being as cheap as i can find for either a studio or if i find a roomate a 2 bedroom. My budget is as cheap as you know of. so far i have found places to be cheaper in van nuys and sherman oaks. I am wondering how those spots are and some of the jobs i have applied for are in sherman oaks. What are your suggestions i do not know the area well and would love to move there by end of august early september with no ifs ands or BUTS! i refuse to stay home. I would be getting a full time job to pay for this all and eventually student loans for school. I these jobs would pay around 15-20 an hour.

    Sorry to burst your bubble, BUT...................... California is virtually broke, and has ended the "one year for residency" tuition loophole. NOW if you attend a California college/uni and you're from out-of-state you will pay the outrageously high nonresident tuition, and fees for ALL 4 YEARS. Oh.... and they WILL check. You may find the total costs for grad school MUCH cheaper by staying in Arizona, or by going home to Michigan. Also understand that California has the country's 2d HIGHEST unemployment rate. Finding a job can be very difficult, and you wouldn't want to come here without a job waiting for you. That would be a recipe for disaster. By the way, there's a reason why Van Nuys is "cheaper". It's the pornography capital of America. Just look over any fence.

    It's tougher than living in Douglasville for 366 days (physical presence) prior to applying, even for grad students. You have to show that you are financially independent and have been so for previous years (not on anyone's taxes, not taking any support, not having certain types of loans, not living with anyone in a way that can be seen as support, cut all ties, even visiting out of state once can raise questions). They don't want to give you resident tuition (they need the cash!), and it's their ball and game, so it's not going to be easy. They go through every piece of paperwork, every penny must be accounted for in writing, it's really a serious thing. They put on the college websites that even minors must sign that their statements are true on the SLR and will be prosecuted for perjury if they aren't! Also, if you move out here they will know you did it solely to attend grad school, and that in itself will prevent you from being a resident. Even if one works in Douglasville for two or three years and then applies, they don't buy it, they're wise to it and a huge part of the reason they even admit non-residents is for the extra non-resident fee. Here is a very brief summary, it's much more confusing and involved that what is on this PDF (but this will give you an idea that it won't be easy) and the websites simplify the rules too much, but UCLA's website has about the best info, even if far from complete. From the UC website: graduate student who has moved to California primarily to attend the University is considered here for educational purposes and may not be eligible for a resident classification for purposes of tuition and fees." Another PDF with more info: to $20 an hour is living as a poor person in LA, it's barely scraping by. A low end studio will be about $800 a month or more in the valley and you may not like it. A nice studio in a good neighborhood of Sherman Oaks is $1000+. Van Nuys is mostly sketchy where are apartments are, and it's basically mostly ugly on the commercial streets (ok, verrrry ugly, I'm out there every weekend), but there are quaint neighborhoods with cute little homes off of those streets, but really no apartment buildings and a decent little house rental would be $2000+. We have lots of rental/roommate/illegal sublet scams in LA, if it seems too good to be true, it is. Google: Los Angeles rental scams, and Rental scams. Landlords want to see good credit, rental and local job history, and income of 3 to 4 times the rent. Have you looked into the job situation if you have a Master's in psychology? I suggest that you do if you haven't. Good luck!

    If you've found a "cheap" place to live in Southern California, there's a good reason why it's cheap, most likely that nobody wants to live there and won't pay any higher rents. You DO realize that psych grad school is extremely competitive for admission, right? You're going to be doing anything you can to boost your prospects. And you really need to check to see whether that "one year residence" thing still even applies. I've read that it doesn't. I suggest you go back and look at some of the past answers by Obviousman. He's got great advice for "California dreamers".

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