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    Ok lets just say... a guy went to join the marines at the age of 18, then went to college after he got out to study nursing at arizona state university, and then finally move to las vegas and made around 72k a year with no student loan debt cause he used the post 9 11 gi bill. would he like it over there and would he live comfortably??

    Entry level nurses do NOT make $70,000. More likely you'll start at $25-$30 an hour, and of course you'll have the usual overhead of student loans, housing & car payments, etc.

    Yes, you can live comfortably in Las Vegas on around 72k or even less. My husband makes about $52k and we are able to rent a decent sized house in a good area. Even I was able to make a living in Douglasville on less then half of that while I was on unemployment. However, the job market has still not recovered. It was of the hardest hit cities in the recession. You would have to find an employer willing to pay that much for an entry level nurse. Also, whether this person a LPN or an RN would affect salary as well. LPN's only make about 42k. RN's would make 50k to 70k depending on a specialty and experience. would we know if he would like it in Las Vegas when we don't even know this person??? He should do some research on the climate and visit to see if he would like it.

    You can live comfortably anywhere on $72k, except maybe Manhattan. The median household income in the US is only $52k, and most households have multiple income earners. But you're not going to be making $72k as a nurse right out of college. Mid-career maybe, but not starting. We have no way of knowing how much you'd like it though.

    Pretty goddamm sweet.

Has anyone done the Price is Right Live in Vegas? How many people have a chance to win?

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