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    Hi, I'm in California buying a car in Arizona from someone who has it financed under a bank, so i'm basically paying off the loan for the car, and will get mailed the title after a few weeks. I got most of the details ironed out, but i'm curious about the license plate, the seller keeps it, what do I do? Am I okay to drive it home? Any other information I might need to know? thanks.

    Be very careful with this deal! Try to contact the bank where the loan is financed on the car. Get the name of the person in charge of loans, and this loan. Give him/her your name and identification. Ask them to send you information on the account. Tell them why you are asking. If possible, maybe somebody at your bank will be able to get info, too! As for the license plate, yes, the seller keeps it. If your state has Temporary plates, when you buy the plate for your car, maybe you can get a temporary license plate, or a paper to put in the back window, showing that everything is ok with the transfer. And, it will be legal to drive it home. Here in Pennsylvania, we have Temporary plates, which you can use until the regular steel plate is sent to you. License plates are usually bought at a Notary Public, which is a legalised place to transfer titles, and a lot of other legal items. The Notary Public is for the common person to get automobile and other stuff made legal, so you can sell one or buy one, and be sure it will be in your name! A bit costly, but cheaper than hiring an attorney! And safer, too! Do not let the seller say that he/she will mail the title to you. Thats a good way to be taken, as crooks will let you get the car, and keep the title, to use on another car! There are all kinds of fraud schemes out there, so do not get caught up in one of them! All states have different rules and specifications on title transfer, and other work.

    James H is right. Way too many things can go wrong here. If you can't deal directly with the bank or lender, somethings amiss. The seller should pay the car off first. Get a clean title. Then sell the car. But if your heart is set....At least get a photo copy of his drivers license. Is there anyone in Douglasville that can check the car for you that you know? If the license plate have current tags on them and the registration is current, the car's allowed to be driven on public roads. No problem there. In Douglasville when you take the car in to be physically inspected you must have a certificate of passing smog no older than 90 days. They will be looking at the title, VIN#, odometer disclosure and safety and emission labels. You must register it in Douglasville within 20 days. Good luck

    Well, i wiould call your tag office for the specifics, i bought my saab in atlanta off of and everyhtying went accordingly... good luck!

Seeing my dad for the 1st time in 20 yrs?

  • Crystal Miller
    Crystal Miller
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  • Dan O'Keefe
    Dan O'Keefe
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    Demond Parker
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    Elvie O'Reilly
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