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    I don't know the first thing to start at. I'm a single mother of 2 and just need to get out of Ohio. I can take out a student loan to move but I don't know what all would be involved. How much would it be to drive out belongings over there and find a place in a good neighborhood for a resonable price. Can I bring my section 8 over there or what not. Thanks in advance.

    My sister's lived in Druid Hills her whole life & is trying to GET to Ohio! LOL! FIRST - Check yelp.com for reputable reviews of moving companies, apartment complexes, etc - you don't want to get ripped off. SECOND - We do have Section 8, it is a long waiting list typically & I have NO idea if it transfers between states. I assume there's lots of red tape. PLEASE call your DES/Section 8 office before any decisions. Also, because our housing market fell, our employment rate has been low. We ARE mending but we're not there yet. Do NOT move until you have a job. Also, cost of living IS higher here. My sister said a new home would cost them $50k in OH, it's more like $200k here.

    Dunlap and Magee manages apartments for low income families. They are city owned complexes so they have strict policies on maintenance and appearance which means that the properties are very nice. We used to live in their Whispering Willows property in Phoenix. For 1100 square feet (2bd 2bth) we paid $500 a month. Their one bed one bath apts go for about $400. The gardeners were there 3 days a week to keep up the beautiful green grass and bright flowers. The pools sparkled 365 days a year and if you needed a handyman (or woman) they were just a phone call away. Every month they had a community safety party with free snacks and there was an area in the laundry room in which you could either donate or pick up food and clothing. NO WAITING LIST. The phone number for the Whispering Willows property is 602-371-8002 I just called there and Olivia is still the manager there. There is also a free shuttle service that covers that whole neighborhood around there. There is an affordable daycare about a block away. The neighborhood is pretty quiet aside from a complex across the street that has questionable characters that let their loud children play in the street at night.

    I'm glad that I found your question. My father owns several houses in the Phoenix area. He specializes in renting them out to good tenants on section 8. Most of the homes are southwest of Phoenix around Goodyear. He'd be happy to give you a quote if you email me. The cost of the drive really depends on how much you have and how long you'll take for the trip.

    It is 1958 miles from Ohio to Phoenix. Assuming you drive with all your stuff then: Gas: 20 mpg is 98 gallons * 2.40 a gallon equals $235 for gas. Motel: If you drive for 4hrs break then 4hrs break then 3 hours you need 2 nights motel fee ~$100. Food: On the road from 6am day 1 till 4 pm day 3 is about 9 meals. ~$100. for housing try:

    Section 8 can be obtained in arizona, there are smaller towns, YUMA is an option, but in the middle of nowhere, good schools, (of course YUMA tops the state in poverty)something to think about, there are nice enough places around, for section *{8 but there is really nothing happening, YUMA and maybe arizona are really backward places drugs is a major concern, but the weather is what keeps people calling it Paradise,

    I have lived in the PHX area most of my life so if you want to email privately I will help all that i can : )

Want to move out-opinions, still live with parents?

  • Moses Crona
    Moses Crona
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  • Parker Powlowski
    Parker Powlowski
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