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    I have heard that at Palin rallies there is racism, example supporters shouting out "Kill the (n word)", and yet she does not stop. She should conmend it, but instead she attacks Obama more. A) Is it true Palin allows/encourages racism B) Why are the Rep. not stopping it, or are they are really racist!

    Yes it's true and they let it go on because McCain has his own skeletons he does not want people to talk about. Group tied to al-Qaida backs McCain for prez campaign manager, Rick Davis, and Ukrainian billionaire Oleg Deripaska, who is suspected of having ties to organized Russian crime. didn’t report ties to Contra group figures later implicated in Arizona savings and loan scandal

    Palin is a total lunatic. I'm not sure if it's racism or just hatred. She's making him out to be someone who is different and untrustworthy and it's total bull. He's not the one that was just found guilty of abusing his power.

    No one ever said "Kill the N----" Where are you getting your facts? Twisted and untrue. ONE person supposedly said "kill him" at the rally which I dont agree with for anyone to say. But before you get on your high horse, I wonder where you were the last eight years when horrible things were said about Bush. Someone even made a movie about him being assinated. Did you speak out then????

    I doubt it. i wouldn't be surprised though but i guess she says pretty stupid stuff at her rallies...ie the war in iraq is an act of god (saw a video of it on yahoo) if it is true, and if she's vp, what kind of society would we live in where the vp supports racism?

    How can you republicans say ITS NOT TRUE!!!! I mean she said HE PALS AROUND WITH TERRORISTS, practically calls him one, and attracts all the scum of society to her rally (pity they can't be rounded up and shipped back to Alaska with her) and then you wash your hands of it all and say NOT OUR DARLING PIG Druid Hills LIPSTICK....nuh uh. Get real. They are hate mongers. End of story. And she is a filthy stinking liar: should be IMPEACHED.

    It's true she gets the people going and then says nothing to stop it nice woman I don't want that kind of person as VP

    You=misinformed sure there might be one or two nutjobs but there are crazies everywhere you dont think their are people at obama rallies racist against whites please

    Because it's not true. The Obama campaign hires people to do that, to make her look bad. They'll do whatever they have to do to win.

    They are NeoCons. It is what THEY do. It'slife

I cant be bothered studying any more feel like dropping out?

  • Kennith Boyer
    Kennith Boyer
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    Imani Jast
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    Ruby Quitzon
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    Carroll Gislason
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