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    On February 14th, my husband and I sign the loan agreement for a 2010 Hyundai Elantra. We put $600 cash down(I have the receipt). Last Friday, they called and said the deal didn't go through and we had to bring the car back. He said he hired a repo man to come get the vehicle, but I brought the car into the dealership that day. Now the dealership is saying that they are taking my $600 for repo fees. But I never signed any paperwork stating that I would be charged repo fees if the deal didn't go through. I am honestly so hurt and confused. My husband and I have been saving little bits at a time to get the $600 down and now they are taking it. I live in Arizona, and I know this has to be illegal. Can someone please help me out on what to do here? I have no idea where to go at this point, other than threatening to put an article in the paper and report it to BBB.org. Thank you!

    The loan agreement was the normal 18" long loan agreement letter. That was the only paper that was signed. Other than the 30 day warranty. It didn't take 2 months to get financed. They said we were good to go when we left with the car on Feb 14th. They wanted the car bar on March 7th. So it was a little under a month. Still, I am asking what TYPE of lawyer I need to talk to. Is anyone aware of actual laws in Dublin that protect my rights? There isn't anything wrong with my husband and i's credit. That's why the whole thing is more or less a scandal.

    What did the agreement say that you signed? Why does it take two months to get a loan? The $600 wasn't much more than two monthly payments.

    You need a lawyer. Often, a simple letter from a lawyer will clear up these kinds of situation quickly. My suggestion for your next attempt at buying is to find a reputable dealer, and go to a bank or credit union first to try to get a loan. Clearly, you have credit problems, and it would be better to know if you can be approved for a loan BEFORE you go visit a dealer. You also should take a serious look at your credit situation and get your current credit score. If you have terrible credit, your only car buying options are 1) paying cash, or 2) buying from a scumbag "buy-here-pay-here" car dealer who sells overpriced junky cars at super-high interest rates -- but doesn't care about your credit.

    No lawyer needed. You can head straight to small claims court if you have proof of being out $600 and no car.

    You are able to instanly get an advance payday loan up to $1000 employing this service: I obtained our payday loan although I have a very awful credit standing.

    Call a lawyer

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