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    I am interviewing for a job in Arizona, which is a cheaper part of the country than Duluth where I am now. However, due to student loans, etc. and other obligations, I need to make close to what I make in salary here now. I never really negotiated salary before but usually just took whatever is offered. This time, I would need to make in the upper range of what the position is listed for. Is there any particular technique or things I should say if it gets to the second stage of the hiring process on salary? And, would I just decline the job if they cannot match that higher part of the salary range that is advertised?

    Have you tried finding out how much others in your position are being paid? This can help provide a frame of reference when negotiating a higher salary.

Exercise 15-11 Preparing the Statement of Cash Flows: Indirect Method can someone help?

  • Daphne Becker
    Daphne Becker
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  • Stella Dietrich
    Stella Dietrich
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  • Moises Braun
    Moises Braun
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