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    Monthly but I lost my job and stop paying for about a year and half could I try to do a settlement its supposedly a lawyer from the collector. If I can what is the lowest I can go the amount is about right now is about $10,000 it use to be about $22,000 what do you recommend to do. My town is Arizona I would appreciate any help that I can get.

    IF it is a true court ruled Judgment then the proving stage is over, they have their Judgment based on proof in a court. Did you get a supoena to go to court and ignored it giving them an automatic judgment or were you just not served? What is the last correspondence you have had with them? Recently? Why the sudden urge to pay it off if they have not contacted you? Have they threatened garnishment or seizure of bank accounts? IF you have recent correspondence the in WRITING ONLY send a letter stating that you can not possibly pay the 10K but offer them 2000(one lump sum) at most to consider the account paid in full and also bring up the fact you kept the agreement and paid back such and such before losing your income. IF you get written confirmation they accept Duluth WRITING then immediately send them a Money Order or Cashier's check. DO NOT give them access to your personal bank account PERIOD and DO NOT pay with a personal check they can use the info off of it. If no correspondence then you are awakening a dead horse for right now. Duluth WRITING, NO PHONE calls will be answered by you and NO access to your bank account. Will they accept, no one knows but what do you lose trying. IF you have NO correspondence and no means to come up with a LUMP sum of money I would not immediately open the can of worms until I did.


    Your town is Arizona. What state is that town in? You got a notice of judgment? Did you ever get a summons or complaint from the collector telling you that you are being sued? If not, you can go to the court and file papers to challenge the judgment based on the fact that you were never served papers! In that case, the collection agency has got nothing. You can make a settlement with them, sure, but get it in writing, be very careful, spend a couple of hundred dollars to get a lawyer to look it over before you get screwed. If you did get a judgement, and you settle, make sure you pay by check, have a proposal in writing, and be sure your collector files a Satisfaction of Judgment with the court. If they don't you'll have to go to court to get it taken care of, hence the need for a cancelled check, a settlement agreement in writing, etc. Many bill collectors are crooks, be careful.

    Do you still have the car? if so sell it for 5k and offer to them as a settlement they will probably take it but get everything in writing before you give them any money. If you don't have the car then you need to request all of the original loan documents, the bill of sale from the auction and itemized invoices for all other charges. Make them prove how much you owe, once you determine the amount owed offer them about 50% to settle they will most likely take it, but they don't have to. They already have a judgment against you which means when you do work again they can start wage garnishment up to 30% of your pay.

Should I use a credit card to pay for graduate school?

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    Kelly Swaniawski
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    Khalil Keeling
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