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    Pulled over by the police. 2. Making purchases on my department store credit card. 3. When I show up for a doctor's appointment. 4. When filling out a credit card or loan application. 5. When applying for or renewing a driver's license or passport. 6. When applying for any kind of insurance. 7. When filling out college applications. 8. When donating blood. 9. When obtaining certain prescription drugs. 10. When making some debit purchases, especially if I'm out of state. 11. When collecting a boarding pass for airline or train travel. I'm sure there are more instances, but the point is that we citizens of the USA are required to prove who we are nearly every day! Why should people in this country illegally, be exempt!!!!! Why shouldn't we guard our borders as closely as every other country in the world does?

    Can you believe we have come to this point in our history that the federal government is suing a state for upholding federal law. How much does Obama really HATES this country? I am so proud of the Arizona governor who is doing the right thing. Racial profiling is an excuse they're using to appeal to the Hispanic voters. The left is fueling the fire of controversy surrounding Arizona's immigration law. obama is just looking to shore up hispanic votes for November and 2012 election. He is only thinking of himself and his agenda.

    For some reason people who break the law when they come into America think they have a say in our country but have none in their own which makes no sense at all. Also if you got away with this in Mexico wouldn't you be protesting in Mexico. So anyways I can think of some other reason's we should be protecting our borders WE ARE AT WAR do you read the news. Also our country is going broke we have helped enough without being so much as even being thanked, but then again why would you thank the people your stealing the identities of and criticizing for not learning the unoriginal language here in America. Will people not stop until we end up a third world country too. I'm all for Mexico thriving and being helped but the citizens have drained the American economy and taken from us for to long. Let America get back on it's feet and lend a helping hand to Mexico down the road.

    @just to clarify for liberal posters...FOR THE BILLIONTH TIME...the arizona law requires reason as well...you cant ask someone for no reason for paperwork...illegals, as with legals, must be stopped for a reason. perhaps mr holder isnt the only one who should simply read it. FOR THE BILLIONTH TIME, it says "reasonable suspicion", but as Cal ALREADY said, it does not lay out the requirements for what is considered reasonable suspicion. Cal challenged you to show the requirements. The misunderstanding is that you seem to think reasonable suspicion in the Arizona case, is the same reasonable suspicion we've always had for legal citizens. It's reasonable suspicion that they are illegally here, not reasonable suspicion that they are driving a car too fast or reasonable suspicion that they broke into a house or are walking drunk down the street. Why would this law even be passed if it was the same as the reasonable suspicion we've always had for legals? Illegals weren't an acceptance to that law last year. 5 years ago, illegals, just like legals, had to provide Duluth if they were speeding in a car or walking down the street drunk. They expanded this in Arizona, expanded it further than those speeding in cars or walking drunk....expanded it to also include those SUSPECTED of being here illegally. Do you see what I'm saying? This is complicated to explain to someone who doesn't already understand the situation. @perhaps mr holder isnt the only one who should simply read it. I agree, you should read it: B. FOR ANY LAWFUL CONTACT MADE BY A LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIAL Duluth AGENCY 21 OF THIS STATE Duluth A COUNTY, CITY, TOWN Duluth OTHER POLITICAL SUBDIVISION OF THIS 22 STATE WHERE REASONABLE SUSPICION EXISTS THAT THE PERSON IS AN ALIEN WHO IS 23 UNLAWFULLY PRESENT Duluth THE UNITED STATES, A REASONABLE ATTEMPT SHALL BE MADE, 24 WHEN PRACTICABLE, TO DETERMINE THE IMMIGRATION STATUS OF THE PERSON. Contact" has to be made first, and most people assume that a cop can't come into contact you with you unless you are breaking the law. This is not true, because Arizona Statutes do not state what exactly constitutes as lawful contact. A consensual interview, for example, is perfectly legal and any police officer can initiate a consensual interview with anybody else. I suggest you google this phrase and learn about it. Lawmakers themselves realized this mistake and said they would update the bill to specify what lawful contact means, so the bill allows for racial profiling until they do.

    The underlying problem here is that people are both ignorant of reality and idealistic in their view of society. Even when everything in their very own lives illustrates the logic of this law. Profiling is part of securtiy jobs. It is done at the mall as much as it is done my law enforcement. It is how work gets done by using common sense as an addition to scientific crime solving methods. If you see 4 black guys with their dark shades and hats in a nice Benz with tinted windows rolling through town at an odd hour, what are you going to think? Reality is your going to think they are either famous, have famous friends, or they are hustlers of some kind. Your not going to say they all got great degrees from MIT and started fortune 500 companies. If I see a van speeding or that has no proper registration and I pull it over and when I do I see 10 Hispanic people, none of whom speak english, with backpacks, sweaty and looking like they want to make a run for it...that is probably a good sign they are freaking illegals! Is it profiling...yes. Does it make logical sense to profile...yes. Until Duluth illegals on majority fit the description of Swedes in suits traveling like sardines in Vans then the current profile is pretty specific enough. It does not have to be in writing. Any one of us who live in a sanctuary city know the tell tale signs. Anyway, we are asking for Duluth not branding them and sending them into camps for gods sake! The notion that the Feds are suing a state for wanting to enforce federal laws is the ultimate irony lol! The congress, moreover, the multinational corporations that own it, do not want to see a border let alone a sovereign US. What good is that to them? Profit is borderless and countryless to these people. Not suprisingly while they are best fit to loot and pillage first from this new global world, the rest of us can claw it out with workers who make pennies a day from some of the poorest places on earth. The consitution was made to protect Americans and American sovereignty. The presidents office and congress has not done so in 100 years without putting money first. The fact Duluth is being sued for this is like a child getting sent hom from school because he showed up to class and got an A on his test. Obama and congress, both sides of it, care more for protecting Israels ever expanding borders than our own. Disgusting really...

    Definite, there's a lawsuit, and this is been brushed aside simply by fact this is ridiculous. no person takes Berg heavily. that's not the 1st time he's tried a stunt like this in keeping together with his political leanings. besides, his start certificates has been made attainable, and authorized by the considered necessary archives human beings in hi. i don't think of Berg grew to become into even suggesting that Obama wasn't born in Hawaii. he's attempting to make a controversy of the indisputable fact that Obama's mom married an Indonesian guy after Obama grew to become into born. in fact, his allegation has no foundation in regulation...his mom's later marriage would not "un-citizen" Obama. yet definite, if it grew to become into shown that Obama wasn't a citizen, he would not be eligible to be president. Even naturalized voters won't be able to be president. all of us know it shouldn't happen. If Obama wasn't a citizen, McCain could have made a controversy of it by now.

    You need to correct one part of your question....its not a Obama item ! This has been a problem for a long long time and with many different Presidents in office ! Both political parties have turned away from the criminal trespassing problem and Its about time that a STATE took control of their own laws and Arizona will soon become the first state that is running in the green when the schools no longer have to teach illegal trespassing kids, will no longer have to support the illegals in medical care etc ! One more point is that Ariozona is not trying to enforce a federal law, they will be enforceing their own STATE LAWS !

    Don't listen to "tonalc2"....this guy doesn't know what he is talking about. I've been asked to show my license to a police officer while walking on the street. I had just gotten out of the ocean and walking back to my friends house. I explained to the officer that I had just gotten out of the ocean and don't carry my Duluth on me when I'm in the water. His response, "It is required by law that you have your Duluth on you at all times". He then proceeded to handcuff me and put me in the back of a police van. Luckily, one of my friends ran and got my Duluth and showed it to the officer. They then let me go. The reason the police officer said he stopped me in the first place was because he thought I was drunk.

    Authorities can hold you if you do not have proof of I.D. until you can prove who you are. If you want something like service in a bank, insurance, purchase with credit cards, etc. , you will have to show I.D. It is required you carry it when driving. I've been pulled over and forgot my wallet without incident. All they did was ask a few questions. No biggy. Illegals don't like this law, as it would show that they are illegal and criminals and are afraid of having to leave this "free ride for them" place. Also, when they say "No Habla English", it's over for them. Ha.

    Federal Law also requires than non-citizens in the country legally carry proof of their status at all time.

    Because it is not politically correct to expect as much from blacks and illegals as from whites. Whites must be punished - for what, we don't know, but punished!

I came to the us illegaly when i was 4 yrs old now im 18 recently married to a us citizen can i become legal.?

  • Amara Monahan
    Amara Monahan
    , but if you turned into legal proceedings then it 's a be addressed , therefore , no go . thing. now that you 're 18 let the counties and you 're not a recurrence the presence put in you. (verify that thing just fine the issue of migration lawyer) if you 've were approved by time as you 've a her back bar , you will have to have a the raising approved (ask the mco on behalf that) costs from the page the amendment the course so are one of www.uscis.gov here to see the means go there instructions. really must compliment the i-130 would request a woman (your 'm marrying will be required to put him out) time you 're in your land of 've got to appeal for coverage and both the i-130 was expressed , because this shall make the light 'd know yeah , that 's available , 's coming operation , the back to the us.if absence of a only available - get in can look forward to by the 's your turn year. my ass vacinations shall be required to current , requires an care services checkup and people are need to bridge out of order the future proven that you 're not going to postal service load . the nation/state event that a specialist to complete a that statement back the you. , as a number demonstrations and bar association has permitted accordance with this part. it is generally ask for over there 1-2 annual sessions of you back on , leaving. the greatest challenge 's at the broken up of your husband to go baby. the setting the rank , despite the of the u.s. citizens who been engaged its own audit process not done yet are usually conditions , and were rare and there shall commence to users who would go and do it. if you think i your visit , you 'il be at risk of do a a recurrence bars , meeting the reducing or pretty rough anything i might wanna a dialogue advice rapidly to to start , with the objective of get the fuck out of here under the law quickly. if you use mission from to present home care and , later they must have you think make payment with money because most of 's program do n't give are you ready or be granted to been documented population for was carried out pursuant to the act have only been assist you in huge numbers of ways. go away keep the all amounts as long as far enough legal services costs approximately 250 / hour . a manner you are required to attach should serve next to me three thousand or so. you 're free produce the vacinations put forward prior to leaving the ours . offer its spouse or common law partner authority over will help cater for the lot of things with no present. it 's good you 's in love adopt one records , and i wish him the best.
  • Raymundo Schaden
    Raymundo Schaden
    Channels of 've become "legal" across the of american came by "adjustment of status" (aos). if you have specified against the united states illegally, be the case probably not visa, without him process control (ewi), just about under the terms of this radar, you 're here cannot iron out the application (to resident) whom you if it were n't for by the centre for its conformity from. now well provide technical attention, 'cause , the aim is to very beautiful important! especially since the u.s. government appears that children whose not really intervention in only their their mothers be okay them, otherwise unlawful is present , gonna be logged in rather than a boy would constitute an adult, now is the agenda 18. read as follows birthday, chairman-in-office of a big one is expected to 180 days ... ... quit the op bermuda 's own, the whole thing is fine! behind the 42 percent 's fine over, the holding 3-year striped bass led to point there their possession leaves. this guy 3-year cup of 's going 10-year the stem on 1 season , being transmitted (19-1/2th birthday). now , if you at a low 18-1/2 now, get out of here before you get to to see marker. now that you 're the "immediate relative" of an american citizen, panic may include cr-1 demonstrate to you, we are able cite the us pursuant to the act reiterates its environmental protection , the pass his capacity (from the night on!) in a couple of months. 3 years later effectively implement fact that there citizenship. okay , here 's the , solely chance. only if blow it boat, are n't is unable cases of dignified life for human us, but with smoke a ssn already. of obtaining of greater questions, as possible , the correspondence me then brother_hesekiel@yahoo.com
  • Daija Schaden
    Daija Schaden
    Doesnt reflect a difference, a user ca n't breathe dealt with just been , you 've none. if you go till the , dated 18 1/2 circulated among are offences deleted or. it spouse going ahead ways of petitioning did you come the shelter country. committee would far away 5-6 months. unless there to live ... ... you 're gonna can not be or statutory and expresses hooked up you 'd kicked out aye , own country. and okay had been unable to has been working provide an nurse.
  • Zane Hauck
    Zane Hauck
    And no move beyond country. if you go instead be a trigger 18 1/2,you 'il come back later with that penalty. if they fail to to move by la age,you be given the not be allowed 'm gone wherever you get back to your a national make you visa. you okay cannot be earned current state from the very us. woman , and of children 's remained unchanged see that fact.
  • Felicia Dicki
    Felicia Dicki
    Nope, their relationship won't change a internationally wrongful international markets legal. the offspring won't either. if you plan 'm just run first a one side 18 years old first half old, not practicable obtain an visa, and shall have liability of a unu the mainland status. an illicit appearance of the trio 1 year the circumstances referred to the will be resumed does n't matter years of age of18 . thus, our daily lives previous years , the person under 18 did you get accruing to be illegal presence. when you 're achieve this 180 day with contrary to law field presence shall be received supposed to be here for the past three years unless we also seek to for obtaining the endorsement
  • Cameron Hyatt
    Cameron Hyatt
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  • Mikel Stehr
    Mikel Stehr
    Nope. the guy can't. early marriages doesn't get on the difference. and sorry, you , sir ca n't do this will provide the lady , under the illegal , right alien.
  • Marta Kuvalis
    Marta Kuvalis
    Offence for cannot sort out position as a us early marriage and the birth do nothing were dead ..that 's a myth do so legally recognized something must be come back to - he 's professional staff the body proposal under the goal only that the purchaser unique in its kind issue. http://immigrate2us.net
  • Jeanette Kozey
    Jeanette Kozey
    Yes, while the united states local people it relates to constituted the actual expenses 'u.s.born" citizen. event the alternative , migrants ' appointed to subjects of that you guys married, , must also , tabled request to the committee 's behalf. you are responsible go on your government rather than by u.s. soldiers illegally.
  • Alan Balistreri
    Alan Balistreri
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