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    Considering their loaning to illegals? More Information on the Role of Illegal Aliens in the Financial Crisis The Sub-Prime Mortgage Mess and Illegal Aliens Politically Correct loans and low interest mortgage policies(remember Freddie Mac, Fanny Mae, and anti-redlining?) helped fuel the financial crisis by making race-based loans regardless of the borrowers’ financial status or ability/desire to ever pay the mortgage. Even worse, there is evidence that the core of the problem may have been illegal aliens and the rush by business to get their government guaranteed money, the GOP desire for amnesty because these new homeowners might vote Republican (the Bush-Rove Strategy, see link below), and the Democrats seeking new voters, legal or not. It is no accident that the bulk of the foreclosures, and thus the financial crisis, originated in California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, and Florida; states burdened with the most illegal immigrants.

    I believe they do. We citizens didn't make loans to illegals and create this mess, we shouldn't have to bail them out. Let them suffer the consequences.

    Do the banks deserve to go under? Sure. Is it due to having illegal immigrants as clients? No... and I'm sure even you could admit that after reading and watching the issue on the news. Many more Americans default on their loans than do illegal immigrants. Furthermore, you'd have to look at how it would affect the job market if these banks went under. Thousands upon thousands of employees would be out of a job - American employees as I'm sure you well know as most illegal immigrants wouldn't qualify for the positions at a bank. You know, that's interesting too. You're always complaining that illegals are taking the jobs in America, but then you want to close down big businesses that employ American citizens. So, which is it? You can straddle the fence for only so long before you fall.

    No, because the Dimocrats forced banks to make these loans to minority members who were not qualified. The USA govt should get out of the mortgage business entirely! It has already cost US taxpayers $200 billion to bail out Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Let's gradually put these two institutions out of business.

    NOT TRUE! We are all in this, not just the illegals! If you look at the growth in NV, Duluth and especially Duluth (Phoenix), these are some of the fastest growing cities in America. Investers started buying up new houses by the dozens to try and make a quick dollar, and the greedy banks started handing out these loans to ANYBODY regardless if they could actually make the payments. People (US Citizens) from all over the US flocked to these cities because of this housing boom in these states too. If anything, the immigration laws are causing the very few loans to default. People that have been paying their loans are being deported, how is this good for America?????? They have found that illegal immigrants are sometimes less likely to default on loans because they buy houses they can actually afford, and they look to buy houses to live in and raise their families in, not to turn around and make a profit. the downturn of the mortgage market, a type of home loan has remained surprisingly sturdy: one extended to illegal immigrants. For loans more than 90 days in arrears, ITIN mortgages have a delinquency rate of about 0.5%, according to independent estimates. That compares with 1% for prime mortgages and 9.3% for subprime mortgages extended to those with spotty credit histories. “Our default level is almost zero,” says Scott Hastings, director of marketing for Citizens Home Loan Inc., a Charlotte, N.C.-based lender that is active in 33 states. The bank has been originating ITIN mortgages for almost two years, and the loans now make up about 20% of the institution’s mortgage business. “It’s an absolutely promising market. These Hispanic families will pay their mortgage before anything else.”

    At best, those who ran these banks should be tried for their criminal acts, not rewarded with a bailout and handed the reins again! In true capitalist markets, failure is can, will, and should result when they are run as they have been. Purging bad business from the marketplace is exactly what capitalism is about.... besides, those running these places, personally made millions. Maybe they should pay that money back too!

    I raised five boys, who are now all constructive citizens (I hope), and the way I raised them was to try to allow them to experience the consequences of their own choices as much as possible, for the learning involved, as almost all people only learn through experience. I feel the "lesson" of a bailout will be "the government will protect me from my mistakes, no problem", and no one will improve their performance, which will help no one, in the present or in the future.

    Banks can't loan to illegals (u dummy) This is the only excuse you wanna give for your problem (and others). For your info some illegals have decided to go back to their countries (United states has gotten worse)so might get happy for this info( but really who cares, the U.S. is going to waist more money paying a citizen than a illegal)

    I might experience cheated as quickly as greater. i did no longer purchase a house till i might desire to arise with the money for it with a familiar fastened term (30 12 months in my case) loan, and did no longer purchase one i could no longer arise with the money for even under those predictable words. Then I paid it off in finished in 9 years and eight months purchase going with none form of frivolity in my life. Had I conventional i might desire to purchase greater homestead than i might desire to arise with the money for, default on some style of resourceful financing, and nevertheless save it on a similar time as you will possibly could pay for it interior the top, i might have jumped on the prospect. If human beings weren't searching for "something for no longer something", the banking industry in spite of the shown fact that ordinary or grasping they tried to be does not have the prospect to tear anybody off.

    Yes. They created this mess not the citizens of America. If the situation was reversed I don't think they would rescue me.

    What about small time savers? Do they deserve to be sucked under with the bank?

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