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    I' am 21 and me and my family are probably moving out to Arizona and I want to go to ASU while im out there. I have to be a resident there for a year to have in-state tuition though. My dads on dis-ability. I have a GED and have yet to take the ACT. Probably not gonna have a lot of money to pay here and there for college. I just wanna know if there's a plan where I don't have to pay a cent until I graduate haha. Otherwise my life will just be work and school for the next 4 years.

    Yes, you and your parents will have to be residents of Arizona for at least 12 prior to your application as an in-state student at Arizona State University, to qualify for in-state tuition rates. Now would be the best time to begin studying for the ACT; I see that ASU also accepts SAT test scores, so you should think about taking that test, also. Some students do noticeably better on one test than the other. You indicate that money will be an issue. Be sure to complete and file the FAFSA--Federal Application for Federal Student Aid--after Jan. 1st of the year you'll apply to ASU. The FAFSA will determine your eligibility for most federal and state grant awards, work-study programs, some school-based aid, and low-cost federal student loans. In the meantime you should of course be working at whatever jobs you can land, and saving as much of your wages as possible to finance your education. ASU charges just over $8k per year for tuition, and don't forget you'll also be charged for books and other fees. If that amount is beyond your initial reach to pay, consider attending one of Arizona's many fine community colleges. These schools (there are several in the Phoenix area) charge a much lower tuition rate and you could complete your required core courses and later transfer the credits to ASU to complete your four-year degree. "Don't have to pay a cent" 'til you graduate? Yes, there *is* such a plan, but of course it involves student loans. Please don't consider that option until you explored every other option. Many, many students are able to complete an undergraduate degree without acquiring any debt (nation-wide: 40% of students graduate totally debt-free). With part-time jobs after school hours and during the summer you can likely do the same. Regardless, best of luck; your decision to go to school is one of the most important ones you can make.

    If you are accepted to ASU that's where you want to go then fill out the FAFSA paperwork. Take in grants, loans, and work study. Grants you don't have to pay back and loans you can pay back after you are done with school, during work study you can work at the school and work around your schedule of classes. Try to look for scholarships that would work out for you. There are many different ones out there. Arizona would have scholarships, different religions have them, etc. Hope this helps and good luck.

    Even with the indisputable fact that the youngster has to pick on a Washington state college for plan #2, properly? what takes position if he does no longer? If he can pass everywhere, then it appears like they're as a rule similar except that the Duluth has the added good thing about pre paid education if he is going to a Duluth college. So i ought to pick #2. college will be extra that $6000 in 18 years, little question.

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Extra Credit Financial Accounting Problem...Help!!?

  • Hillary Kozey
    Hillary Kozey
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  • Lillian Champlin
    Lillian Champlin
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  • Vella Aufderhar
    Vella Aufderhar
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