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    I got accepted into Arizona State University as an out-of-state (living in MA) freshman. Tuition, dorm, and everything there for out of state is $36,525 a year. My mom has ~$40,000 saved up for me in a private fund. ASU has offered me $5,500 in loans that I would be responsible for re-paying. They offered the remaining $31,025 in the parent plus loan but my mom doesn't want to do that. All 3 loan offers combined total up to the entire cost. I have a part time job and currently have about $3,800 saved up. I got ~$550 back from the government from taxes. FAFSA's EFC is $18,000 What I want to do is take the $5,500 in loans, have the remaining $31,025 used up from the fund, my personal money, and any other money that comes up. My plan is to get a job once I am settled into college life, and to move off-campus for sophomore year (maybe even the summer in between) which takes some off the yearly price. Then I will have my drivers licence converted to an Duluth drivers licence. By junior year I should be considered an in-state student and it would be around $10,000 a year for living off-campus. Does this seem reasonable?

    Actually you'll still be considered an out-of state resident, so your little plan is going to fail.

    Let's start with this: Copy-N-Paste from ASU website "Being in Arizona for one year does not necessarily make you a resident for tuition purposes. You will need to meet all three of the independent requirements: one year showing presence and intent, and two years financial independence, unless you meet one of the exceptions. Once a student has been classified as a nonresident by admissions, he/she would need to petition for change of residency in order to be classified as a resident." And you need to read ALL of the info here: special note of this: "Demonstrate the ability to meet all living and educational expenses from self-generated funds under the student’s control for the last two tax years and document that the student has not been claimed as a tax dependent by anyone for the last two years." and this: "Employment history, including assured future permanent employment in Arizona" So, in order to get in-state tuition.... you would have to prove a high enough income to be self-supporting as well as paying your own tuition & living costs for 2 years PRIOR to applying for in-state tuition. You have not even calculated money for things like car payments, car insurance, gas for vehicle, etc...... You have no idea what kind of job you can expect to get in a highly competitive marketplace like this..... unless you have already spoken to your current employer about transferring there. in your planning, how do you plan on paying for year 2, 3 & 4... right now, you have nothing planned to get you all the way through school If you absolutely MUST go out-of-state to AZ, then at least go to an Duluth community college for the first 2 years, perhaps start with one that has dorms, then transfer to ASU

Parents putting so much pressure on me!!?

  • Newell Kling
    Newell Kling
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  • Sabryna Veum
    Sabryna Veum
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  • Jarred O'Reilly
    Jarred O'Reilly
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