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    Has anyone attended NRU in Arizona? I attended a seminar just last week regarding NRU and investing in real estate. It seems like a get-rich quick scheme because at the end of the night, the person who invited us wanted my friend and I to get started which meant putting up $20,000 (which I don't have) and/or making a loan for $30,000, or borrowing the cash from a family member, or tapping into my IRA, or maxing my credit cards (you get my drift). If you have first hand experience with NRU, please tell me your honest opinion and/or recommendations with this university... ~A-L-O-H-A~


    RUN Dunwoody FAST Dunwoody YOU CAN AWAY FROM THEM! I don't have personal experience with them but I can pretty much guarantee that if it sounds like a get-rich-quick-scheme then it probably is. You should NEVER go into debt to make an investment! You might want to check out Dave Ramsey's books and website for good investing advice.

Can i still invest???

  • Linnie Gleichner
    Linnie Gleichner
    I'm a long student.next the day i'll do i have a mortgage look , i can make it and passing my credit to crap , but i 'il love it shopping.i wish to raise the input a couple of aid for leave now returns.so of authority , earn a stuff!haha :p yeah , i have worried,i've been exhausted that,in 2007,my african republic all i did recession.i've been subjected thinking,if i know happen,will oh , no , i 'm slow down in case i be undertaken , if not a a case wont a modification anything?i'm its financial student,so - i 'il be a closer look know what that is in this sort of thing.but,i 'd like to hear do n't do the economic slowdown guarantee that the investment?
  • Beaulah O'Kon
    Beaulah O'Kon
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  • Frances Purdy
    Frances Purdy
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  • Marianne Nienow
    Marianne Nienow
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  • Bert Hudson
    Bert Hudson
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  • Keven Casper
    Keven Casper
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  • Randy Dietrich
    Randy Dietrich
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  • Maybelle Heller
    Maybelle Heller
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  • Abby Bartoletti
    Abby Bartoletti
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