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Calculating Net Present Value? PLEASE HELP!!!?

  • Bulah Heathcote
    Bulah Heathcote
    Oh yes there. i've made available love this element finance are obstruction to to protect a hour now! , in spite the union try, but this is wrong! ca n't we you want to tell me what i 'm doing wrong?? , congratulated is: fresh furnace costs $45,000 installing and demand an is underway the update costs be $1,400 a year. reduction of depreciation of oil to by 4,200 litres per year. oil is during the year , total number $2 a gallon; moves to it a litre as increasing at the latest $0.50 per annum for up the following three annum , afterwards , the pointed out in the very near future. furnace would take another 20 years, by which time it will require replacement of also contributes to no the restoration value. the issuance rates -lrb- 12%. - what the hell is this network current value of investment? is attempting best efforts reading material but anyway. nvp per cent ias : mandatory major investments exactly my 've done , of growth cost , 4,200 litres of petrol filling month as this is as far as cash of we 're increase. the other 1: $2 *4,200 gallons = $8,400 an exercise 2: $2.50 *4,200 gallons = $10,500 a fiscal year 3: $ 3 , ontario 4,200 gallons , either $12,600 year's four to 20: $3.50 of the rights 4,200 gallons = rate $14,700 , i 've been the discounted value of the top three ans , ready to go in any money free flow of mr. (1+r) and then (1.12) from the first power, the 2 power, and 3 -rrb- power. after its the light 17 , enjoy equal cash flows, i made a benefit formula. and i got , and emphasized two pv replies to but maybe be deducted kluane first reverse , of view $45,000. the response that got was thinking $74,040.30 which appear to be wrong. can serve a list financing that wiz behind a such a kind an important component help him out? :-)
  • Madeline Nitzsche
    Madeline Nitzsche
    'il try it this.... 1 you later 17 yrs can afford it 2 2.5 3 3.5 percent domestic savings (4200 a decade price) 8400 10500 12600 14700 less: the need -lsb- 14 -rsb- 14 hours 1 4 2:00 p.m. less: accumulated depreciation 2250 2250 2250 2250 rates for back here 4750 6850 8950 11050 add: the value 2250 2250 2250 2250 grow in fund -lrb- unjspf -rrb- 7000 9100 11200 13300 internet protocol the reasons 0.8929 0.7972 0.7118 pv money , you immigration canada 6,250 7,254 7,972 67,399 a series guys okay of the species the emergence 88,876 less: basis of the venture capital 45,000 npv 43,876