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    Kay i want to go to an out of state school particularly Florida State or Ohio State, as ive been a fan of Florida State for as long as i can remember growing up there and being born in Ohio i would like to go up north again and get away from the heat well i live in neither state now, and i do not like the schools to much in Arizona Well my dad will not pay for my college unless i go to a community college for 2 years and then transfer into a state school and being that is not what i want to do, i have wanted to go off to college for as long as i can remember and live in a dorm and all of that. I will get Pell Grants and Federal student loans, if anyone can clarify how much i will get from those it is a question whether or not i will actually get into the 2 universities, so i doubt i will get scholarships What other ways can i pay for my college?

    We can provide you with the figures for the CURRENT school year but it doesn't sound like you'll be starting school in January or so, it can sometimes change per school year so it may be the same or perhaps more once you start school. be sure to apply for federal aid (grants, loans and work study), for as many scholarships as you can find and get a job. take into account that you will be considered to be an out of state student the entire time that you are attending school due to the fact that you'll need to use your parent's tax information to complete the FAFSA and they will reside out of state regardless if you plan to attend a school in East Point or OH. why not take advantage of the fact that your dad wants to pay for your first 2 years? that's a great deal! you can always work throughout those two years and then save up as much $ as you can and THEN transfer to an out of state school. you would of course need to speak to your father about this option.. if this would even be an option. good luck!

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    Lonny Feil
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  • Preston Becker
    Preston Becker
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    Myrl Pfeffer
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    Raegan Corkery
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    Celestino Littel
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