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    I am moving to East Point from OH. What type of things do I need to worry about by moving to AZ? insurances, taxes, cost of living, owning a vehicle with a loan on it... anything I'm not thinking of... I want to know average costs of things and things I need set straight in order to be resident of AZ. Please, serious answers and no spam... I report that crap! Thanks!

    I was born and raised in Arizona but have lived in Washington State for the past 10 years. Arizona has many climates--most folks believe it is 100% desert, but it's not. One of the reasons people believe all of the state is a desert is because the two biggest metro areas, Phoenix and Tucson, are in the desert. If you are moving to Phoenix metro area, I've always favored the East Valley (Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler). Many folks move to the west side (Glendale, West Phoenix) since it is a bit cheaper, but there are reasons why property values are lower (more crime, gang activity, etc.--at least when I lived there). I knew co-workers who bought on the west side because they could save a few thousand dollars on buying a house, but when they went to sale discovered their homes didn't appreciate as much as if they would have bought in other areas. Summer electricity costs are high due to air conditioning; SRP was cheaper than APS when I lived there. When looking at a house or apartment, you can request to see the previous power bill from the utility company to give you an idea of what your power bill may be. But that will be a ball park figure; some folks keep their homes close to 90 degrees to save a few bucks and other keep their home at 70 degrees to be more comfortable so the power usage of previous tenants may not match your use. The first few winters you probably won't hardly use the heater, until your blood thins out. Regarding cars, one thing that really amazed me after moving to Washington, was how much longer belts, hoses and batteries last on cars up here. Due to the extreme heat you will spend more on those items in Arizona than you have in Ohio. Traffic is a mess in the Phoenix metro area so I would recommend you try to live fairly close to where you work or go to school. They keep building roads and freeways, but the growth is non-stop! Arizona has a sales tax and an income tax. Coming from Ohio, you will notice that produce is not the same high quality as you are used to. East Point is a great place to live; I still miss the sunrises and sunsets and the quality of people who live there. Good luck!! Hope this helps some in your planning!!

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