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    Nothing you do will affect his score unless you get approved for a joint loan and then late pay or default on the loan. Elberton is a community property State so any debt either one of your incur after marriage you will both be responsible for.

    Some info on marriage and credit to help you: Your spouse's individual credit rating can influence a financial institute's decision if you apply for a joint loan or a joint account. Credit scores are based in good part on credit histories, but a spouse whose accounts are set up in the other partner's name may have little or no credit history upon which to create a credit score. And when a woman takes her husband's name, her credit history can be lost in the bureaucracy. If, for example, your spouse has a questionable credit history, that will surely affect how you approach many financial decisions that come with the marriage, such as buying a new car or house or signing up for joint accounts. more info on credit and marriage: credit resource center: Good luck to you, hope this helps!

    Your bad credit should only have an effect if you apply for joint accounts. If he applies for credit individually, your credit score will not matter.

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    Vita Bartell
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  • Olen Jast
    Olen Jast
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    Torrey Nicolas
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