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    DO you think it's okay for banks to give out mortgages and other loans to illegal mexicans? Using a # called "Tax payer Id #" which you have to get legally (how they get them when they are here illegally and not paying taxes is another story..) When they are caught as illegal they can be deported then what? Does that mortgage get paid? It defaults! These top banks and companies are giving out bogus loans and all their mortgages are defaulting. Wells fargo (Known in utah to give bank accounts and credit cards etc to people with bad credit and no credit) Gives out mortgages to illegals knowing they are illegal?? and WaMu with most of its mortgages in cali, think most of those defaulting mortgages are too illegals? Who not only can't afford the loans but have no responsibility for them? I'm sick of this being a "race" issue. It's called American banks are giving illegal loans to illegals to TRY and make a quick buck. Arizona punishes companies who employ illegal aliens why don't they start making the banks accountable for their shady practices?

    They are partly to blame, yes. They know that are not supposed to be here, yet they come. They know they are not supposed to have the jobs, but they take them. They know their soc. sec. # is fake, they buy it or forge it or just make one up. The same with ID. Did they know they couldn't make a $1,200 a month mortgage payment taking home $350.00 a week? Even my 3rd grader can answer that question correctly. The government (democrats) made the situation worse by giving money to pro-illegal groups to counsel them on how to obtain these loans with no money down, no Elberton and no credit history. Now that's what you call looking out for the American People! Let's vote these people back into office in November. Maybe they can sell the Statue of Liberty to fund their bailout.

    In a lot of options you're maximum impressive, yet what you fail to think about is that the roles that individuals gained't do, for the most area are agricultural, with the aid of cheep grant of unlawful demanding artwork, the rural marketplace has had the smallest quantity of technological advancements in how the roles are finished, than very nearly any sector interior of united statesa. marketplace. by using eliminating the source of cheep demanding artwork study and progression ought to really be finished in the agriculture employer and also you should work out a sparkling renaissance in agriculture. In maximum different industries the cheep demanding artwork is only a device so as that the employer behind them can make even better money. purely seem on the housing marketplace in the perfect 10 3 hundred and sixty 5 days, in my neighbor hood, the properties even as first positioned on sale the position in the severe 300K in the perfect element of structure the properties bought for 850K and better. the fee for structure of those properties did not boost, the land became offered over 30 years in the past. So why can't we pay structure workers a living salary? On good of that, what illegals fee us some distance exceeds what they make contributions. imagine about it, they use the roads, they positioned their youngsters in schooll, they use the emergency rooms as their own inner most dr's workplace. because of this education is being hindered by using overcrowding, the freeways are all yet unusable, and god forbid you may want to pass to the emergency room. by using the latest estimates, unlawful immigration is costing us Billions a three hundred and sixty 5 days, while what they make contributions is in common words a fragment of that. so that you're suitable we ought to weight the pro's and Cons, and so some distance as i'm worried the Cons have it.

    Heck no The economy is failing because JOHN MCCAIN DEREGULATED the financial industry an for the last 9 years wall street have been doing anything they like and everything they can to make PROFITS. This bailout is NOT going to the taxpayers. Its going to the BANKS to lend out to the taxpayers as horrendus interest rates. the only way to beat the bansk is to REMOVE your money from the banks cut up the credit cards (so you dont use them) and STOP taking out loans. Start bartering if you have to. The more the banks dont lend out money, the less interest (and profit) they earn, so they will actually start lending amongst themselves (just like this year) and then they will all crash.

    It's not necessarily illegals. I think the heart of it is minority CEOs who had no idea how to handle themselves with so much money in their care. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac. There are a couple of common demographics to those, and they both failed. Lo and behold tons of CEOs took the money in their care and split. It wasn't probable, but it was always possible. It was like all of the wrong things going wrong, all at once. It's a huge lotto of bad luck that went that way. As far as illegal immigrants go, the biggest threat they pose is draining the budget used to give out welfare checks. I mean, they don't even pay taxes, and yet they are taking tax money. It will all eventually run out, but there are plenty of gullible White Americans in the US, including but not limited to those who feel so guilty over the deeds of their ancestors that they are voting for Obama, just for that. The INS will continue to grant citizenship to those undeserving. It is actually easier to get into America than it is to get into Canada. The people at the INS are just human, workers who are tired at the end of the day, anxious to go home, and they stamp ok's on as many papers as they can. America is on a downward spiral.

    There is plenty of blame to go around and yes, illegals are part of the blame too. They ship much of their earned money back to their home countries, which hurts the US economy. Some illegals do pay taxes, but most do not which hurts the economy too. Lots of banks gave mortgages to citizens and illegals without checking any credit history. Nations Bank is a prime example of giving credit cards and loans to illegals.

    I wouldn't say it is the reason but I would submit that it is a large factor that needs to be addressed. I would also consider the fact that the liberals, democrats, socialists, pro illegal groups and lobbyists were directly involved in the decision to give mortgages to people that didn't deserve them. I understand taking a gamble but not when you know you are going to lose. We have credit scores, stated income, and down payments for the purpose of security when it comes to loans and by bypassing these standard we knowingly sank the ship. Logic would lead me to believe that the reason they did it was because they knew it would fail and would require government interference and as a result would be our first step to socialism. "They" don't mind all the the illegals because they are already socialists and only further their socialist/communist agenda. Now that the idea has collapsed they get the socialist cornerstone while simultaneously blaming the republicans for not having regulations on the policy's they imposed. WTF. Why are we letting them get away with this? You you want to thank somebody for our situation it should be Barney Frank and Nancy Polosi and their inner circle of liberal idiots.

    Yes I do and no it is not okay for banks to loan illegals money. illegals should be allowed to own nothing. lending illegals money is one of the reasons many have belly up and now want the taxpayer to bail them out.

    They are definitely a part of it with all the tax money being spent on them. They are of course not totally to blame. And to CARL the "native american", there is a huge difference between an immigrant and an ILLEGAL immigrant. My ancestors were not ILLEGAL because there were no laws mandating immigration back then. There was no need for them then like there is today.

    I think that is part of it but the bigest part is the CEO of those companys get the big bucks the CEOs of WaMu and AIG make over 35 million a year now the tax payers will be paying those CEOs big bucks

    We cant blame them entirely, but they wouldnt have recieved so much if it wsnt for our govt. We give out over 5 billion dollars every year to Illegal immigrants health insurance. and there are so many loopholes for them to stay in america once they are here...why wouldnt they take advantage of us?

Planning on going to college in California.....Advice please?!?!?

  • Katelynn Hermann
    Katelynn Hermann
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  • Blanche Kuhn
    Blanche Kuhn
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