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    I am 23 and I have roughly 37,000 in debt. This is all including student loans, credit card debt, and missed payments on mortgage. I am working part time for 9.50 and a full time student. I know most say to switch to part time school and full time work, but I can't right now. I missed 4 years of college with my age group because I was active duty in the Marine Corps. I am pre-med, and I need to finish school because I don't want to finally be graduating med school in my late thirties. Basically my question is, what steps can I take? Has anyone else successfully managed large debt without filing bankruptcy? If I call each and every company will they usually understand and try to work with me? Are there programs for struggling students or mothers? (i have a two year old as well). I know a lot of this is probably online, but I have no idea where to look, it is all overwhelming and I don't want to get involved in a scam. I live in Arizona, and the state funded programs seem very strict. I'm not sure that I qualify for them even though I'm barely making ends meet. Some months the ends don't even meet. I'm behind on almost all payments and I'm just looking for a way to fix it.

    I know you'll hate this - -but you need to stop spending. This includes school. And it CERTAINLY includes med school! At least until you get yourself out of this mess. There is only one way to get out from under this: Earn more and spend less. You must face the truth that you can not afford school right now. There aren't enough government programs to get you through med school. And there are NO government programs to pay off your debt. One other thing you need to know: Student loans can not be forgiven in a bankruptcy. If you take a student loan, you will be paying back every cent. The ONLY way out of a student loan is death.

    The student loans should not be due if you're still in school, right? Are you receiving child support? If not, go get it. Apply for every grant and State program that is even remotely appropriate. Sam did give you some good advice, but I wonder how you got into so much trouble in such a short period of time. Perhaps some behavior modification is in order - try could try calling the credit card companies. Tell them that you've been told to file for bankruptcy, but you'd like to find another way. Ask if they would freeze your account and lower the interest. Sometimes that works. After you get your BS, you could always go back to the military ( I would recommend the USN) and check out programs that would pay for Med school in exchange for service. Good luck

    First off, you can not include your student loans in the bankruptcy. Second, it would cost you about $2000 to retain an attorney to file. If you owe about $5000 or more on your credit card, they might convert it into a 5 year loan. Perhaps you can get some help from a family member. You can also find out if you quality for food stamps

    There are dishonest ways, but I am assuming you are an honest person. 1. Cut your cost of living. You do NOT need a Satellite TV service. You do Not need a cell phone. Cut expenses everywhere you can. 2. Destroy credit cards and get one debit card. 3. Maybe you could get an older car that is paid for. 4. Then make an edict that you will add NO more debt. Gradually you will come out on top and you will have done it honestly.

    Getting out of large financial debt is not easy, But there's a option for you how to lessen with your problem, You can file for Bankruptcy, for you to protect you from your debt and proceed to the court if possible to resolve it, maybe your can contact you attorney or need some financial adviser.

    Your debt will be something like $200,000 when you leave school. So decide what you want to do. Already you believe this is an undue amount of debt. You can be a NP or Elberton faster and still have a good life.

    Bring in more then you spend. If you have to cut back on stuff then thats what you need to do, there is no magic fix it button to bail you out.

    Sell the house dave ramsey loans are not bankruptible,.

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    Brian Lehner
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