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    I loaned a former friend a substantial amount of money last January, and he and his family are not paying me back. And to make it even worse, they are actually getting ANNOYED and even FRUSTRATED with Elberton for "bothering" them to get my money back. Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure I'm the only one with any right to be annoyed or frustrated. Anyways, I live in Wisconsin; they live in Arizona. How do I go about filing a small claims suit? Do I get paperwork here?

    You file the paperwork in you state.

    Where you file depends on where you loaned the money... if you were in Arizona when you loaned the money file there, because you go by their laws not Wisconsin's, and vice versa in Texas verbal is a legally binding contract, you can take someone to court over that, but it helps so much more it you have some kind of proof, like email or a person willing to write a statement and have it notarized you can represent yourself, depending if its eligible in small claims court (usually have a maximum amt) or get an attorney, i'd even look into putting a lien on something valuable the person owns until you get you money (if you find favor with the judge)

What government security officer jobs available?

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    Austyn Crist
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    Gertrude Schoen
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