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    Hi, I live in Arizona and have a wife and a 11 month old child. At the time I was the only one working and chose 4 exemptions/married on my federal. I never was given the option for state but for some weird reason it is at 19 exemptions (this seems extremely high). I make $27K per year but, have allot taken out of my checks before taxes for insurance and other things so usually I bring home about $650.00 - $750.00 per paycheck every 2 weeks. I NEVER have anything taken out of my check unless I get a bonus and my check is over $1000.00 and I am concerned that we will be owing at the end of the year. My wife also now just started a job at Target part time making $8.00 an hour only 32 hours per week. She put married and 2 exemptions for federal and there is 0 put in for Ellenwood state. She only got a small paycheck of $111.00 for 1 week of training and less than 32 Hours of work so far because she just started. No taxes were taken out for that check. we just want to make sure we don't owe. We cant afford to owe! lol just like most people... I tried to get as detailed as possible so that I could get a good answer from someone. Thank you for your time and help, it is much appreciated!

    My wife isnt just working for the holidays, she is just working part time for the time being until she is ready for full time again. I have the option to change my state and federal right here on the computer at anytime I please. Anyone also have a suggestion for what I should change my state number of exemptions/allowences to? Just giving updates as I get some answer to better help anyone else that answers. I do appreciate all the help im getting with this!

    Sorry... another update... The 19 allowances/exemptions for state is how much percentage is being held for state. I chose 19% so thats why there is 19 put in. Is this enough? or should i raise it to one of the options below. I hate taxes and we are very uneducated when it comes to it. Thanks again for all feedback! My annual compensation is $15,000 or more. I choose to have Arizona withholding at the rate of (check only one box): ???? 19% ???? 23% ???? 25% ???? 31% ???? 37% of the federal tax withheld

    You should qualify for EIC because of your child, and that should keep you from owing for federal. Your 4 federal allowances is OK, but it would probably be better for your wife to claim zero. If she is just working for the holidays and makes a couple thousand dollars or less, what she claims might not matter. For state though, I'd ask your payroll department about that 19 allowances - you could end up having to pay the state, although probably $100 or less.

    Taking the extra exemptions is not a good idea, you will owe taxes unless you have some major deductions to claim, like mortgage interest. I'd get your W-2 changed as soon as possible. I also live in Arizona. My son claimed 4 exemptions, only worked part time and he is single and had no deductions to claim...he owed.

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