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    Alright, I'm going to be a senior in high school in the fall. Currently I have a -pretty much- full ride scholarship for any in state university (NAU, Arizona State U, and U of Arizona). However, I've been wanting to either go to University of Colorado Boulder for Architectural Engineering, or University of California San Diego for Structural Engineering. I know that if I do go out of state i would have to count on student loans. But on the plus side, I would get away from my dad, whom I live with now. I know ASU had good engineering and Architecture programs, but so does UCSD and UC boulder. I've looked into both the out of state schools and I am right on their average acceptance GPA, courses and test scores etc. One other thing, I've taken, and will be taking, college credit courses in high school, However, most of those will not transfer to out of state, or i could trick the system, and take just one class at a school they will transfer to and then to the Out of State schools. Anyways. I honesty don't know what to do.

    It's not too early to look into financial aid. Find out just what it would cost you and your parents for you to go out of state. Getting out of college with no student loan debt is a great advantage, so since the Ellenwood schools do have the programs you want, I see no reason not to go there. As for the high school courses, the colleges may let you take an exam to get the credits. If you even need them.

    Ok, so both of the colleges you wanted to go to both are engineering universities. Well if you want to be far away from your father go to University of California San Diego for Structural Engineering. But I suggest for you to follow where you want to go for college. And I know parents can be more attach to their children but that's because they want the best for their children, look at it that way. But I wish you the best on your senior year and enjoy it.

    Woo im from Colorado! Haha . Anyways ... I think you should do what you feel will help you be the most successful later on in life . If you think you will make it just a little bit farther going out of state, then go for it. If thats what is going to make you happy, then by all means dont feel forced to stay in state. But if you think you will benefit the most from staying in AZ, i wouldnt waste your money leaving.

    Do what makes you the happiest, if it means getting away from your dad then do it. If the out of states schools end up being too expensive you can always transfer.

Still live with parents?

  • Kathleen Bergstrom
    Kathleen Bergstrom
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  • Abby Lebsack
    Abby Lebsack
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  • Jerome Windler
    Jerome Windler
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  • Darby Gusikowski
    Darby Gusikowski
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