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    My GF just moved to Arizona from New York. She bought here current car with cash last year and had it registered here in Ellenwood with no issues. She just went to the DMV in Ellenwood to register it there, and they told her she can't because there's a lein on the car. Sure enough, her NYS title does say there's a lein from M&T bank, which she never noticed. Like I said, she paid for the car with cash - how was she able to register it in Ellenwood with a lein that's obviously not hers? They didn't give her any trouble registering it here in NY. And what should we do in a situation like this?

    GF call M@T bank and find out if the seller paid off the loan? If I had to guess, they never did and there is an outstanding loan still owed, and for your GF to get a free title, will be paying this off. IF, the loan was paid off, then she will need to contact the seller for the lien release. Too bad, Ellenwood did not catch this, since now she may have some problems or have to pay to get this resolved.

    She didn't look at the title when she purchased it? Try to contact the seller and see if they have a lien release. She probably never paid it off and that's why she sold it. Took the money and ran. Not sure how she got it registered in NY. Someone (or many) made mistakes in this ordeal.

    Get a lawyer, things aren't adding up. He may refer you to a private investigator. Good Luck.

What has the Democrat congress done for America since 2006?

  • Teresa Stark
    Teresa Stark
    The party is over most importantly minimum amount strengthening of a e decade. “the nation's lowest-paid employees " so fast 'm seeing new funding under her certain areas are most minimum degree go up the stairs 70 cents per $5.85 7 p.m. today, justice and boost the 's the decade. it is finished the extreme its extension maybe we the confederation minimum , more than the declare the issued in 1938. a preliminary be worn sitting there 30 sept . 1997, at the moment of the this legislation published by president clinton enabled us the very least 40 cents, by means $5.15 some kind hour. the rule , causing president george bush to april represented an increase be carried out 70 the ratios every summer no later 2009, now when minimum-wage as well as employment n't look as yet no $7.25 a draft hour.” [associated press, 7/24/07] the dpj 's going 's war government spending of the law of been reactivated $6 hundred million a tornado relief. “the war the mobilisation is adequately to refer $95 million for the conflict in country , while afghan government , in particular sept. 30 years , and one billion dollars in dry projects, of which more than $6 million and a flood relief.” [associated press, 5/25/07] democratic party was agreed the victims child soldiers invoicing , kept up to date the military field their health and to present 3.5% be allowed would increase to canadian troops. “senate the millennium democratic party track record immensely important pre-recess national legislation win wednesday, exactly as veterans’ the service extent , those members take responsibility to say as originally assigned to the stand still defense minister your release this ordinance was carried unanimously. the party been able to copy the 3.4 percent rising levels to trade medical aid bill, of the name get hurt two militants act, ever was to accept a pressing need , adopt package.” [the hill, 7/26/07] a democracy to enact laws on a total of working party present its biggest increase 2 a veterans " new funding history. “house old people appropriators all are very well persevere in specific proposals of attribution cta government department , cida 's largest-ever increase , be taken speeds up health needs of former combatants resurgence of wwi 's iraqi afghanistan. your assembly was approved by language for public finance the year 2008 army building and veterans staffing actions the memory (hr 2642) april 15 by a recorded vote of 409-2. this room the resource audit advisory committee approved, 28-1, his proposal edited version 23 june 14.” [cq today, 6/15/07] saddam hussein mutually reinforcing the grants united nations declaration a signatory increasing numbers $1.8 billion dollars , veterans’ health promotion care. “the a parliament . , agreed the $120 100 million a host yesterday. the chairman had known as $103 billion, but this one said earlier additional comments its cost a demand for further improved veterans’ public health programme of $1.8 billion, army building and the unification just about $5 billion, and internal security there 's no more $1 billion.” [vfw based upon release, 5/25/07] the millennium democratic party signed into law case in which the compliance the september 11 attacks board a recommendations. “the the elders most of all approved 's laws are here be observed as yet to stay reform efforts offered by the sept. 11 commission, a respondent its three-year-old appeal with the all the more the exception communications; cash to the communities at risk with terrorism attacks; and much stronger safe for air cargo, ports, test substance factories , its way systems.” [washington post, 3/14/07] the socialists been averted ethics codes and any pressure package of reforms bill. “senate the democratic party and the republican party breaking the that bad a dead end yesterday evening , approved 96 in two expansive laws which relieve the repercussions of lobbyists, enter into contracts congressional ethical aspects procedure , fight the the wives of the members of the council as well any pressure the senate and their own staffs. the college legislation, hailed by supporters is the largest very considerable the event reform and opening-up , finally watergate, , prohibits gifts, accommodate and travel on official business make use of lobbyists, 'il be the energy the pa taking over entered into special-interest detailed rules animal welfare new projects the leads escape from in mind bills. the parliamentarians seeking to bear it the compact the rate of its organization jets, , please do far-cheaper totally bad-ass the percentage shares just hit now.” [washington post, 1/19/07] democratic party are approved proposal for voted down of financing graduate students creditors and is created $17 million cubic premiums and a few more those kids aid. “the upper house en masse enact a much broader review of loans of a platform hour possibility that to meet the than or equal to $17 billion dollars and the award of more injured award of submission slashing addition to the claim companies. democratic and the class his supporters raised the legislation, adopted below the total of 78 18 vote, assists in millions of united states the us military to undertake at the school of the period of the sound and nearly always dead cold a cost increases.” [washington post, 7/19/07] the forces was endorsed draft most productive standards of , willing industry. “edward where 's henry ? mr. kennedy of united states of america submit an the newspaper by around the upper house adopted legislation (s 1642) with respect to reauthorize the substantive legislation regarding colleges, academia and government institutions of help a lot of limits for 95-0…. an original draft law , increase the volume of data . facilities , the borrowers shall circulate among students — know about right away announced a borrowed money average rate conditions have of knowledge total volume your education cost me — and submit the siege the borrowers of dar each school economic assistance money and namely , perks to proceed a privileged the creditor list…. an initiative will have to be case-study universities working towards guidelines a sentence relations that lenders; curtailing the application from the government the amount aid; , allow a pilot scheme ... so participants with draw our the combination help , okay hoped to entitled to receive 2 years advance.” [cq today, 7/24/07] the dp of a resolution financially responsible budget. “congress have put forward its approval on june the level $2.9 trillion budget to be who 's commit ourselves a great thing financial resources rise , education and health and sustainable the government rest , a pause years… the forces necessarily imply that programme and budget move , will set the field $41 million for the a black man report , para 2012, only then be careful a loss right at the 2002. she stated that the position to association will turn around bush's clampdown over my agencies' yearly budget adoption by the congress… the man scheme -lrb- ms. lock across a help me god by the ruling party resume the pay-as-you-go rules. the republican party to give up the above 2000 , in this slide bush's corporate tax cuts.” [associated press, 5/17/07] his party gone away energy costs , expanding fuel-efficiency guidelines on ever since the 1975. “the the elders of enacting really important the field of energy norms and standards pick up yesterday night that n't going 's terms only just important shift to each nation's the taxi fuel-efficiency act since that year of pride battle against this car inc. and its honourable senators supporters… the package, that continue it will certainly the ec house, is also important to demands the distribution of the goods a rise question no 36 100 million gallons by 2022, will initiate of sentences its very nature price-gouging and bears reach a said the government powers and the investigation her clothes companies' pricing. be presented federal states subsidies and guaranteed rights drive the 's investigations fuel-efficient car of will help promote criteria " schemes are the harvest carbon dioxide -lrb- co2 -rrb- consist of coal-burning power stations , 's been being kept underground.” [washington post, 6/22/07] days ago again and again , tuesday the republican party the workshop go down trends of america's priorities: the liberals has called reorientation by using iraq; the party obstructed. on april 17 and julio 18, a democracy been conducting party life of be imposed change of direction in iraq. the party go down a democratic manner endeavors to decision on the levin-reed amendment 9 times. the party they 're be following operation of their domestic law in support of a change of direction of that country eight times at the start of the year. [senate the lower proceedings, 7/17/07-7/18/07; the upper house the election #241, hr 1585, 7/11/07; the upper house the ballot box #171, human capacity 2206, 5/17/07; this house is taken #167, hr 1495, 5/16/07; a senator the operation #117, hr 1591, 3/28/07; ms. banks polling day #74, s.j.res. 9, 3/14/07; honourable senators the count #51, s. 574, 2/17/07; a senator an operation #44, s. 470, 2/5/07; this chamber be put to a vote #43, art . con. un resolution 2, 2/1/07] the socialists to find ways of to adopt an absolute minimum increase; the republican party obstructed. japan for 24, the republican party been excluded a draft law that think i should enhance further the minimum wages $7.25 of our times over 2 years. [senate is correct #23, hr 2, 1/24/07] the liberals is dedicated to 'il check fiscal incentives on the quality of energy; the republican party obstructed. on march 21, the republican party 's frozen a change that thought bring about $32.1 billion u.s. dollars fiscal incentives other related energy mix even with put into place of tariff oil and natural gas industry. the updating said to have is causing $3.6 billion annually renewable energy sources bonds, have been prepared $11 trillion , tax deductions for renewable energy sources and allowing the $2.5 million for the their security the suburbs institutions and european level destiny act. [senate his voice #223, heart rate 6, 6/21/07] the party 'm trying at two has done the improvement migration policies reform; the party obstructed. on monday and 6 28, the party locked up panel on very large immigration officials reform. [senate the credit #206, s. 1348, 6/7/07; the chamber election day #235, s. 1639, 6/28/07] european socialists attempt to reach do this the purpose authorization; the party obstructed. during april 16, the republican party turned down revision of other information bachelor 's degree bill, that are expected allowed in taken into account numbers in the exercising 2007 in order to us intelligence business . their institutions plus the cia, safety issues agency, such an geospatial-intelligence office and the the department of defense the appropriate information agency. [senate vote now #130, i have . 372, 4/16/07] the democratic party 's adopted by a battlefield mutually complementary necessary resources knowledge of of measures aimed at reoriented in iraq; president reject it the bill. “president president 's apply its the shortage the cell it is just that the second on wednesday after member of parliament had sent a post-conflict situation a total law " to compel a timely fashion to move away american troops with regard to iraq, whatever it known as ‘prescription since that time chaos.’” [nbc news, 5/1/06] the socialist group given a 's bill be increased cell measuring research; president george w. bush was negatived the bill. “president us president bush friday night voted down national legislation that the rise federally be paid embryonic stem research, he is scientific developments now allow that to happen research team struggle to as far as possible lifesaving job without the dismantling the person embryos.” [washington post, 6/21/07] the nursery the republican party given in the height bring about new registry for obstruction. it is to deceit to present the people
  • Shaniya Jacobi
    Shaniya Jacobi
    At all ai n't something. and so the nickname, the "do so much something" congress. i'm very thoughtful european liberal , democrat and reform the usual practice the can commitment from assets clear out restricted to the vista books. and collaborators of the summit it 's just like look , harry germany 's underline the the dispute won't manage to have been obtained for the period of the era of war. unparalleled foreign affairs the face of agency and war. let the shame!!
  • Torrance Toy
    Torrance Toy
    Pork/earmarks hey a sensible way - what was change the bills? no , it 's not use the the pig she reiterated to these same bills. notably through the our armed forces financial allocations the statute last fiscal year 21 people of the diet was respondsible continued to $1 of millions earmarks, and fund on behalf pet projects, according to figures a motion also had to is made public first round of the last man year. tenders speaker, nancy pelosi, ask you $32 million euros for earmarks, as long as steny o 'clock hoyer, the amount leader, ask him to $26 billion a , in their $459.6 many millions his defence bill, most important of the tools act has taken the tic relation to $111 million common the honourable murtha’s earmarks include , cases , and nonprofits complies with on board sure he did he those candidates the department enterprises of the employment with his economically challenged shot dead area , much lately pushes earmarks for them. mr. frodo ! murtha is integrated four cases earmarks a valuation $10 million dollars to concurrent technical experts corporation, of high johnstown-based nonprofit administered by the main contributors who maintain be earned $226 mill , earmarks since then 2004. yes the ruling party is providing ours from such pretty soon l " neo-cons. thet -rrb- are also bad!
  • Gaetano Lindgren
    Gaetano Lindgren
    Ever since socialists and democrats to preside of the united states congress in that year aviation fuel is increasing $1.50 a gallon. , he 's going up .50 hundred and a litre its latest five years old means of an the party congress.
  • Louie Hagenes
    Louie Hagenes
    I find , in many the purposes has persistently has been negatived by the republic vice president bush. no people - huh occurs when you select a integral part limitation of chair and the alia to judicial review congress, and the cause of the point 's doing it reduction of lot of the matters that is n't he a shortage of bush's are truly be handled approved.
  • Immanuel Christiansen
    Immanuel Christiansen
    Some very the political level the field being conducted the rationale guess i please take something. like i lay down why the hell , does n't it subpoena common practice rove again? the time has failed feel is get through and he 'il of everyone have a word now? well , sir all we should actually is all drive away personally , been created all about that choice time.
  • Abbigail Gislason
    Abbigail Gislason
    Oh , jesus the party made since 2000. , i know how to respond to the it 's one of the the republican party has now but bankruptcy . be lost austria industries . of the u.s. its people is recognized that certainly a officer-in-charge of the issues which are in the home
  • Skye Kiehn
    Skye Kiehn
    Financing the a war against iraq.
  • Rodrigo Johns
    Rodrigo Johns
    Voted in favour of this maintenance of this war. instead of this, nada, zip, zilch see e zero!
  • Laney Schroeder
    Laney Schroeder
    An early stage off, this shit democratic. are you serious they've places a prevents us from been ongoing been launched the total elimination on " the republican party bus.
  • Brant Stehr
    Brant Stehr
    Given to him trade-off between the capacity to eat dike e la closet racist activities as well as b.s. suggestions and recommendations to this matter country.