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    I guess this is more of a "I'm at my last resort and need reassurance" instead of a question...but here goes: So I'm going off to college this coming fall. I'm in Ellenwood and I've been set on going to Arizona State. With scholarships included, the total package would be around $17,000 a year. Now, I am by no means "loaded", but my family does make too much to get any aid at all really. I'm also double majoring in secondary ed. and creative writing. Is it THAT absurd to go to ASU, financially? My family seems to think so...

    I think you should go to ASU. If you go anywhere else, you'll feel disappointed and cheated the rest of your life. Besides, $17K/yr sounds cheap to me; my old undergrad school now wants $40K/yr!!! I think your parents should support you in what you want to do; they've had their shot. Aren't there some student loans which are forgiven if you teach in public school for a while? I'm pretty sure. And you're planning on doing that anyway. In any case, it'll just mean you can't have the mansion and Lexus for a while. Here's a good scholarship page with a lot of links...

    Why do you want to go to ASU? It's not absurd if you have a compelling reason to go there. If you're looking to a be a teacher there's no significant benefit to ASU over a number of other schools. In fact, if you plan to move back to PA, you're better off finding a more local school as the licensing requirements may be different there. ASU is known for being a bit of a party school and if that's your reason for going there then it is a bit of a waste of money. There are plenty of other cheaper schools where you can have just as much fun. If you're just wanting to get away from family to become more independant there are other schools to consider as well. When it comes down to it, it's really a question of what you really want. Just be aware that there may be other options for getting what you want. You'll eventually pay off your loans so in the long run the money issue is the least of your worries but as a secondary ed major, you aren't likely to be bringing in the big bucks any time soon. Good luck, whatever you decide.

    I say you should pursue your University goal. So many Americans get into debt by buying the dumbest most ridiculous things that wont lead to anything long lasting. Your education will open doors for you that can remain closed. Can other schools provide you the same education, probably. But hey, do what I and many college graduates did. Take out student loans, get your education, and pay it off slowly upon your completion. Sacrifice is never absurd if it is for your progress. If your dream has been to attend ASU, you should not let anyone stand in your way. It seems as if you are planning to study to be a teacher, if so, I would leave you with this one thought: What would you recommend to your future students? Pursue your goals or just give up... Pursue it, I have never regretted my decision and neither will you.

    Since you're young, things may change. Is is possible to consider a less expensive college to start out? And then go on to ASU? Is it possible to compromise? What would you do if you had to do it all by yourself, with no help from family at all?

    My parents and I had a deal- I could go to any college I chose, but they would only be able to help me as much financially as if I had gone to the closer in-state university (which I ended up going to). You have to realize that you don't have to have your parents' help to go to school- claim yourself on taxes and then you could get financial aid. If you don't want to do that and have your parents helping you or paying for most of it, then you should go to a closer college as they wish for you to do. You can get those majors at a lot of colleges and universities in Pennsylvania.

    If you can't afford it and your family can't help you, then YES it is absurd to go.

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