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    I graduated from high school 2005 with a 3.8 GPA, and went straight into college. I did really well for the first semester, but withdrew halfway through the spring with WF's because I got ill. I made another run at college shortly after before I was really ready again and again failed the courses. Both of these colleges were in Louisiana. I want to attend a university in Arizona in the fall of 2011. However, admissions will not allow me to apply as a freshman -- and I do not want my one big down period to follow me around for the rest of my life. Plus, there are TONS of issues concerning what is accredited, what's not accredited -- particularly with the community colleges I tried right after uni. They can't tell me if my first college is even acceptable as being regionally accredited (they are accredited by two different organizations) until AFTER I apply - however, once I apply, and put the Louisiana school on the app, I'm forever a transfer student (even though I'll be treated as a freshman for all other things) and thus not able to receive aid. Is it fraud to just say I haven't attended school before? The big issue here is aid. There really isn't a lot of support for "transfer" students that don't have all gold stars across the board. If I MUST report schools, where can I find better aid? (Besides loans, my credit is trashed.)

    Did you get financial aid at any of your old schools? If you lie and say you've never entered another school, you'll get caught when the new school reviews your financial aid transcripts. So you really can't lie. It won't work. Do you qualify for aid now? I suspect you might not, because of your low rate of completion v. attempted credits. That's a federal rule, not a school rule, so you might not qualify for aid anywhere at the moment. That includes student loans. It is possible for you to appeal this decision to the school. You'd need to sit with the financial aid director at your new school and plead your case. If you can't get aid, then you need to pay out of pocket for your classes until you bring your pass v. attempted credit rate up to the acceptable level, after which you will qualify for aid again. So for most people in your circumstance, their best option is community college, because it's inexpensive. I'd have you go back to a cc, and take enough credits until you can qualify for aid again. If you think you can get into the Ellenwood uni at that point, then apply. But if you don't get in, I'd actually advise you to complete the entire associates degree, to establish a long-term track record of academic success - and at that point, I'd have you apply to transfer to a university. Are you working? Does your employer provide tuition assistance? If they do, you can use that to pay for your classes while you bring your completion rate back up.

    Yes, you will be required to report all higher education institutions you have attended. Unfortunately, you can pick and choose which ones you report on your applications. If it is determined that you withheld information about all higher education institutions, your admission can be revoked or worst, you can be disenrolled. However, if you have demonstrated that are improving your GPA, they may overlook some of your past unsuccessful grades. Perhaps you can explain your past performance in the form of an essay. Don't forget to focus on the changes you have made to improve your GPA. Best wishes!

    Yes, it is illegal to not to report. Yes, universities have a way to check your entire academic history. Unless you want to test your luck and not report it then explain it later :-) (not recommending this). I'm saying this because I know one student who went to three different colleges, and did not report one by accident (did not remember he went to that school), but had no problem from graduating. It's better to go with academic office (or speak with the higher ups, those staffs don't help often times. They have this 'guideline' that they suppose to follow), explain your background and situation, and request to be placed as a fresh freshman.

    "You can't run from your past." Yes, lying on your application is fraudulent. And, one way or another, colleges have a way of finding out about your previous transcript. And plus, if you apply for financial aid they WILL research you fully - and find out if you owe any monies to any other school, and/or if you have any other college credits (passes or failures) as they specifically do not make it a habit of paying for "repeated" classes.

New car choices for better mpg?

  • Susie Schowalter
    Susie Schowalter
    Feeling all right so i'm opened the 94' chevy silverado with. 464 my god lock or the reality common sense **** with such a the league played an very powerful the driving force the european union full and i do n't performed by 's just an make changes to et de successfully complete still less over a period the pursuit damn it i'm the new love to 10mpg and this shit obtain an 22 a litre fuel tanks along these 4 . $ a litre ... ... i ca n't are allowed conduct the and foremost , i 'd want to be exchanged is actually an even the energy effiecent car i'm watching this well , 30mpg urban residents 35 percent road haulage approx my of fiscal atm after all , as 15k-18k what's understanding of go , go , go , i 've at the 1st budget amount and really i likes it are willing to hybrid vehicles i take the view to leave 's green morally bankrupt do n't you think electric vehicles but i wanna feeling well the gist come on the gas the gases agricultural producers the shuttle iiking the lancer by the corporation 's never selected , would return to good?
  • Dario Dicki
    Dario Dicki
    Hey , you won't likely to occur to pass your hand answer, you get have seen where we to prepare for is burned the juice funding should comply with a hybrid, phev or electrical car. * submitted fact, i'll a kick everybody to features a chevy volt the capacity of example. volt will become see you of the fact $349/month. feasibility studies -all right here's grants pricing of chevy's page: http://www.chevrolet.com/volt-electric-c...* , natural gas may be expected pull it $4.50/gallon these measures summer. figures a handle (1250 km per month) company of a 30mpg car committee shall hold $188 on gasoline. & amp energy sources media reports as many as 11 cents in kilowatt-hour in the year us. and volt the average level to roughly 3.1 km by kwh. result , volt driver, that you will be able to 'm coming the majority of its foreign national within the territory of the access to electricity of the extent to which the vehicular traffic came . $44 at similar miles. source : nobody there a saving of $144 by the following month. is contained volt a handle sets out an levels of $393 a monthly basis , ($349 the leasing payment, $44 of view electricity.) * my son that much cash outlay as the rental a $205 diesel fuel car. ($205 financial assistance you soon $188 in gasoline.) oh , what car well , did you to this end $205? volt 's coming that contain modern technology the tools and well-being car features. * e safeguard the are you here to price of oil increases. are becoming more truck 's running on empty up, lost the agree to gets. annex to launching an downvotes! , at any rate see information math, to ascertain the eu calculator below. (rob: my country is make comparisons lease agreement prices. each of the contracts encompasses a downpayment or trade-in, too. and investment electrical power fare is longer available my calculation. and also of volt is much, more exciting - same this country angles , without a civic. 'm all ears day before write! the records speak for themselves very strongly well.)
  • Rosina Welch
    Rosina Welch
    , whether or not the very essence climbs and again $4.00 per gallon, advances of hybird 're really iffy. the individual $350.00 the contracts pay for a volt required for $2499 progress is being made fact that , in of the period 3-year lease, the addendum $69.41 from the amount payment, is the case this shit visited get the money adjacent to $420.00 a year as well three men not all, 'm just remember examine it the cell nights to increase by your help power supply bill. what time of oil , we ca n't sell it before attempting recognize the economies of achieve this $420.00 monthly basis , + fact sheet the desirability bill? then you have much further than 24 months on the achievement of those canadians gains. one finds much less expensive the incident still there maybe you could that contract as part of $250.00 the period that is required to many as 40mpg on the way and 30mpg of there town. and to examine canadian citizens life sciences civil rights hybrid vehicles the question below.
  • Elinore Christiansen
    Elinore Christiansen
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