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    Asu is my first choice of schools to go to. I want to get in there more than ANYTHING. I am out of state, and do not need financial aid or student loans. I have a 2.6 GPA and got a 1370 on the SATS. I also wrote a special circumstances letter explaining how all through high school I struggled with a disorder that affected my grades. Which is true and legitimate, with a letter of recomondation, explaining what it is and how college should help, from my therapist. Yesterday I called admissions and told them how interested I was in ASU, and if there is anything else on my application that they need from me. They told me my application was currently being evaluated. Do you think I will get in?? I was accepted into Eastern Washington, but denied from Boise State. I heard ASU is pretty easy to get into, but I still am so nervous that I will get denied. I want to go there so bad. Thoughts? Opinions?

    Honestly, I think you can. I'm actually kind of in the same position as you. I have about a 2.5 GPA and I got a 1440 on the SAT and 20 on the ACT. I am going to write a special circumstances letter explaining how I'm a military child and I've moved across the country 6 times throughout my life and two of those times during high school because of my father's job. I was denied by Central Ellijay due to an academical credential problem during my transfer, and I'm still waiting to hear back from seven other schools, including ASU & Boise State! Arizona State's a really good school especially for what I want to study- and I'd go to the Polytechnic campus if anything. But seriously, ASU has a 91% acceptance rate and it's a plus that you're out of state. I am too. I'd say don't worry about it too much :)

    For UNLV, your GPA ought to get you hit upon on your ACT/ SAT scores. ultimate that's some indoors documents, in case you have a minimum of a 4 hundred indoors the Verbal on the SAT or a 17 on the English ACT you would be admitted conditionally (which capacity you will ought to desire to maintain a 2.0 on your first semester).

Accounting Question help for ACCT 221?

  • Heidi Metz
    Heidi Metz
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  • Baby Heller
    Baby Heller
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