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    -By Talk Radio that constantly criticizes minority leaders and organizations. -By passing needless immigration laws. -By insisting on English as the national language (which immigrants or their kids eventually do learn) -By implying that the ONLY reason for the recession was Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae giving loans to the undeserving poor (mostly Blacks and Hispanics). -By taunting Obama as a "Muslim."

    Kagmi: It seems that you ‘are’ agreeing with my points but are against over generalization. But let me, make few points. 1. In almost every democratic country of the world, minorities do enjoy some special protections because it’s just human nature that majorities will exercise their overwhelming power at the expense of minorities. Social prejudices can be somewhat curbed but never eliminated. So minority organizations have to be far more vocal than the majority to safeguard their interests. Conservative insistence that minorities should pretend that there is no social bias or prejudice is very unreasonable. 2. The Arizona law is needless. Police officers in Arizona could do and in fact were doing what this law now mandates. Passing this to law to render all Hispanics “suspects” (unless proven innocent) is as you describe it, “dangerous.”

    3. English: Most immigrants or their children eventually do learn English. Study after study has shown that by third or fourth generation, English becomes the first language. 4. If you listen to talk radio as much as I do, it will become fairly clear which group they are referring to. I am sure you know that Conservatives are very sensitive about being labeled as “racists,” so they have developed a code language which any person of average intelligence can easily interpret.

    Hmm. While I agree that many Republicans have been encouraging a racial divide, I actually agree with almost none of the specific points you mention above. One important thing to keep in mind when talking about the vitriol between conservative pundits and minority organizations is that the animosity goes both ways. Yes, some conservative commentators do show overtly racist attitudes. But frankly, some minority organizations do as well. In fact that's kind of inherent in the term "minority organization"; it's an organization based upon race. Many Talk Radio hosts make a lot of attacks on minority organizations, many of them unwarranted. But many minority organizations have also made unwarranted attacks on conservatives, so what we have here is a two-sided conflict in which neither side is guiltless. I also have to beg to differ with you on the definition of "needless" when it comes to immigration laws. I don't like the tone of legislation like that currently being debated in Arizona, but I have to admit that there are real, serious problems in the southwestern states from uncontrolled immigration. There are districts where schools and hospitals are closing because they are so overburdened by large numbers of sick people and children compared to the tax revenues collected in those districts. I think that the immigration laws being discussed are dangerous and not the best solution to the problem. But I wouldn't by any stretch of the imagination call them "needless" and imply that immigration does not pose a serious problem in some areas. And, as to the English point, I have to say I am actually -more- in favor of using English as the universal language of the U.S. after studying the history and culture of the hispanic countries. Why? It's simply, genuinely easier for immigrants who come to this country if they can rely on one language being spoken everywhere. In many "Spanish-speaking" countries, not everyone actually speaks the language we think of as "Spanish," and it can be a real pain to try to move to a new country when they speak two different languages in different parts of it and you don't speak either of them. There is definitely some racist bigotry underlying the "official national language" movement, but I have to say that making America completely bilingual is actually going to make life more difficult for immigrants who don't happen to have Spanish as their first language. I find your fourth point interesting because while I have heard a lot about the "undeserving poor" in relation to the recession, I have never heard anyone overtly bring race into that before reading this question. There may be an assumption in many people's minds that the "undeserving poor" are black and hispanic, but I think this is more of a class thing than a race thing. The people who subscribe to that idea tend to look down upon poor people (well, people who receive public assistance, which amounts to the same thing), regardless of their race, because they "just aren't trying hard enough and now we're stuck paying for it." Not that that makes it any better, but it's not a cover for racism. It's its own kind of discrimination. With the Obama thing, however, I would say you are spot-on. This could be said to be more of a religion thing than a race thing, but the bottom line is it wouldn't be an issue if he were a rich white guy. I do believe that racism has played in to a lot of the outrage against Obama's policies--but I think it does so so subtly that not even the people who are outraged are necessarily aware of it. They just know that they see him as scary, different, and menacing--I really do not think they consciously connect this with his race. To them, it really is all about "socialism" and "the death of American values." Most of them just don't have lenses good enough to realize that most of his proposed policies are no more radical than things that have been proposed in the past. If they did then maybe they'd realize that there's something else about him that so infuriates them.

    Did you actually write "needless immigration laws, are you a member of a drug running gang? I guess you didn't like what the Alabama Governor said either, namely "This is Alabama, in Alabama we speak English, if you want to live here LEARN IT" How old are you? did you not hear some of the things left wing Talk Radio said about President Bush. Like he planned Sept 11, 2001. Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae driven by the likes of Acorn and Barney Franks in congress "DID" cause the recession. We were really doing great until the Democrats got control of congress in 2004. At that time the whack jobs insisted banks dropped common sense standard lending practices therefore polluting our entire banking system with mandatory toxic loans. What does it matter what religion Obama claims to be now, did you not hear any of the Rev Wright's sermons on Fox Cable News---pure racist hate and Obama sat in Wrights Christian"?" Church for how many years?

    AGAIN....it has nothing to do with race that we want you to speak English...you are in America if you want to speak anything else go to where they speak that language. If you don't like to be singled out as an illegal then come here legally. We did not imply that fannie and freddie were the only reasons for the recession but told the truth of all the players involved. Obama is a muslim by heritage, like it or not. The 2.5% spread the wealth crap is in the Quaran (read it if you must). His antagonistic attitude and comments towards Americans and the way America was founded is what is driving the country's division. Everybody who has any decency knows that you don't go into some body's house and demand they follow your rules. Therefore don't come into mine and demand things are done your way. That's not gonna happen!

    Yes, but they have always been that way. We are just living in really intense times right now. We are actually going through a healing. If you study what happens to a peson wholistically you see that people hide stuff. The have energy in their body that is actually hiding their beliefs. So they have to heal eventually. So a tumor is found. So they can take meds & still not learn what it is about & they can have more problems come up or they can actuall face what the tumor is there for & learn & change & that will heal them. Everything in life is like holistic health. So we have the racist stuff & we have to look at it. Are we denying are beliefs or are we angry rather than forgiving or are we really not into it at all. We might be Ellijay with it all so it might now be an issue to us.So reps.are just going to do what is inside of them. They are making it come outside of them. So they can deal with it & they will heal or they will get sicker. It will eat them apart (cancer) or just grow (tumor) or it will make them furious (heart attack) or so many other ways. Arthritus is from criticizing. So they can not try to hurt anyone & not hurt themselves. So all really is well. If you are a peace loving person don't worry about what they are doing cause you will see it hurts them. No one else. In Ellijay the republican business people will lose their employees & end up in trouble by what their fellow reps are doing. So just let karma balance it out.

    Yes, please don't criticize the minorities no matter how wrong they may be Needless immigration laws? LOL Yeah can't have a national identity like a national language now can we? No implying here. We have stated the companies were forced to give loans they knew to be bad by who? Liberals Ok, the muslim thing is just stupid. Got me there I guess.

    Yes, even when McCain lost he mentioned that that night Obama won was a proud night for African-Americans (even though he is half white).

    I'm pretty sure the Democrats have much more to gain by keeping a good racial divide. Considering that over 95% of African Americans vote for them.

    No I think the dems are more devisive. They are quick to call people racist. BTW I do think thof the above english as a national language is a good idea.

    You forgot to mention how they seem to think Obama asking AMERICAN minorities to get out and vote this year is "race baiting"....guess Rush does not think minorities are American citizens whose votes should be counted in American elections.

    It's the Universities and the irresponsible media mostly ............

Questions about moving to Australia from the United States...?

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    Georgiana Weber
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    Nico Gaylord
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