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    I worked full time counseling inmates in a prison release program, and attended graduate school during the day, (flex schedule) and at night. It was hard because I also taught life skills to the inmates on Thursday nights from 6:30-8:30p.m! I was sooooo tired. I was married, so my husband and I made a budget for me to work only weekends and attend grad. school full time once my 100 hour practicum followed by 700 hour internship kicked in. Oh, and my last year of graduate school I was pregnant with my daughter. She was born two months after graduation. See my husband was my saving grace. I think if I was single I would have lost my mind. It was hard, so I know what you're going through girlfriend. My Evans is in Psychology, so I got a part-time job on the weekends counseling patient's in an adult detox hospitalization program. They were about as tough to work with as the inmates. But, the money was good (close to $20 hour). Try to find full-time employment that will allow you to utilize your degree (in whatever discipline it is in). Good luck, the end is in sight!

    I'm doing it right now. It's not easy the writing is intense and at a much higher level--it's grad school after all. The best trick. Get a job at the University first. Then enroll in their program. Depending on the job you'll get either free tuition, you'll still have to pay for books and fees, or some other benefit. Good luck!

    I did that through two graduate programs in Texas around 33 and 30 years ago. It can be done, moreso in the 2000's than back in the 1970's when I did it, since all the computerized benefits are here that weren't here in the 1970's. I can't tell you how to do it in Arizona since I've never been there. Good luck. It's well worth the effort. God Bless you.

    I have heard that grad college is way less complicated academically because you're surely envisioned to keep the three.0 (a minimum of), because lower than a B in a route is seen failing. at the same time, you ought to do added artwork undergrads do not (ie particular conferences with a prof, more suitable readings, etc.) Grad scholars also artwork, have households, teach or study. do not stress too a lot about it, yet keep up your artwork. talk at the same time with your fellow grad scholars. Meet at the same time with your consultant.

    I attended undergraduate and graduate school while working full time. I carried a full load every semester. And I was married and had 3 kids. Was it easy? No way. Was it worth it? You bet! I would recommend you get an evening job so that you can concentrate your days to your studies. I worked in the shipping department of a warehouse. BTW, I now have a very nice cushy job thanks to all that schooling.

    I worked full time as an undergrad...and it was hell! But I made it through and now I have the career I have always wanted so it was well worth it. I suggest a night job...maybe a waitress just to get you through....this way you can have a pretty decent income..tips will help you survive. Or, get a job at your university..teaching a class. Good Luck.

    Many grad schools will not let you work while you are in school, but usually that depends on whether or not you have a fellowship.

    Depends on how rigorous the program is. Education school? Sure. Something tougher? It's difficult to manage your time.

    Hi buddy............ it all depends on wht program u tryin to get in... I'll suggest go parttime like 20-30 hrs per week.... and ofcourse look for like "Administrative" kindaa of job or better some job in LIBRARY or in Computer LAB.... In short look for that job that won't make u exhausted..... hope this help........

    Get a job where you can sneak & do your papers on the computer- like a receptionist or secretary-

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  • Ryleigh Gutmann
    Ryleigh Gutmann
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  • Mckayla Gislason
    Mckayla Gislason
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