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    In 2009 I lived in Arizona and had to file bankruptcy due to loosing my job. Its now 2012 and im getting debt collectors calling saying i owe on this and that.I moved to Pennsylvania in 2010 so if they do have any valid claims what states statue of limitations would it fall under to collect the debt? Alsowould they be able to make me come back to Evans to appear for any type of court? One debt was 6k and the other is 10k that they are tring to collect ,but i truly dont believe i owe either.

    It doesn't matter what you believe. Debts can follow you across state boundaries. You either pay the debts or your credit profile will suffer for 7 and a half years. If those debts were included in your bankruptcy filing, they should not be chasing you for them. The only exception is student loans, which can never be discharged..

    Any debt incurred before you filed bankruptcy and that you declared when filing bankruptcy should have been cleared and wiped out. If you incurred debts after your case was closed, you would owe on these debts. And yes, if a judgment case is filed against you in Arizona (which it can be if the debts were originated there), failure to appear will result in a default judgment against you, regardless of whether you think you owe the debts or not (or even if they were covered by the bankruptcy). I would start by writing to the debt collection agencies and ask for verification that the debt is actually a valid debt, that the debt is yours, and that they have the legal right to try to collect the debt (they will need either an assignment contract or a sales contract).

    There are distinctive kinds of debt creditors and bailiffs. in basic terms courtroom appointed bailiffs have a splendid to apply stress to pass into your private abode and take products without your consent. different accepted bailiffs can not use stress to pass into your private abode. in spite of the undeniable fact that, in case you enable them to in, or in the event that they are in a position to pass into with the aid of an open door or window, they are in a position to then take property to settle the debt. in case you enable them to in as quickly as they are in a position to then wreck interior the subsequent time they call. Non-accepted debt creditors can not take any property without your consent. no rely how impolite it sort of feels, in no way ask a bailiff into your place, and in no way depart your doorways and abode windows open or unlocked in case you think of a bailiff might call. Bailiffs can in basic terms take your private abode to settle your debt. in spite of the undeniable fact that, they have heard each and all the justifications so which you will want written evidence including receipts for them to have faith that property on your place isn't yours. in the experience that your brother is asserted to his stuff he may well be greater perfect off leaving it with somebody else to stay away from any threat the bailiffs might take it. Bailiffs are no longer allowed to take undemanding needs or the kit of your commerce. so they can not take issues like beds, warmers or cooking kit. yet "luxuries" like your settee, eating table, or kitchen units ought to pass.

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