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    To make a long story short, a lady in Arizona, she was like an employee for my company, but she was paid as a sub contractor to do random work for my company (answer e-mails & respond to customers, etc.). I am in New York State. Anyway, she has done work on and off for me since 2008. We would talk on the phone quite a bit and she would just tell me things about other services that she offers her customers, etc. She would also give me other "business ideas". Well, one of the services that she offered to her customers was "Administrative Services", which is a service where she would handle some of the customer service tasks for her small business customers. Well........ I thought that was a neat idea - and I implemented that service to my company and I made a few good sales on it. This was about year and a half ago to to two years ago. Anyway.....she recently asked me for $2000 loan because she is having financial problems paying her apartment rent and she claims she needs the money because she is already being evvicted. I refused to pay her the $2000 loan -- which I have every right to because I AM NOT a bank and I do not have to give her 2 cents . Anyway.......now that I refused to pay her ,she started sending me PayPal invoices for random amounts that total up to $1800. She claims she is CHARGING me $1800 for stealing her ideas like the "administrative services" thing. She also claims the $1800 also includes fees for "ideas" that she had given to me over the phone since April 2008. Well - for one - there was never an agreement in place that said I could not use her ideas such as offering my customers "admin services" too. There are lots of companies that provide administrative services - it's not her idea - it's a service offered by many companies. So, I think that is ridiciolous for her to say I stole her idea...........not to mention, there was no agreement in place about that said I could not offer the same services she offers her customers to mine . There was also NO AGREEMENT about me using her ideas . In the first place, why would she even tell me her ideas if she didn't want me to use them?? Well, when we did talk on the phone, I would ask her questions - she had every right not to answer them if she felt she would be giving out too much info, but she answers them for me. You know, this is business, there were TONS of things we talked about in 2 years about business, we would talk about a broad range of business topics. Anytime she did work for my company, she got paid for it. I told her to show me one email where I ever refused to pay her and she told me I NEVER REFUSED TO PAY HER. She simply claims I owe her $1800 for using "her" ideas. She even got paid for sitting on the phone just talking to me and answering questions I asked her.Which this considered more like "consulting". she wants to sue me for $1800, i told her to go ahead and do that, and since that time I have not wrote her back any e-mails. this woman is a complete WITCH (i really mean the B word). Just because i did not give her a loan she wants to FIND a lot of crap to throw in my face. This $1800 problem woudl not have come up if I had not refused her loan of $2000. she claims she could sue me in AZ... doesn't she need to consult a Fairmount attorney for that matter anyway?? and do you feel that she really has a case? she also claims she will charge me $100 a day that I don't pay her and she also claims i will have to pay attorney fees LOL. Unless there is an agreement set in place that i signed from the getco, she can't do this. I have tried suing people for $5000 in the past for nonpaying customers, many lawsuits i cancelled simply becasuse it wasn't worth the time. i'm a medium business - monthly net revenue is approximately $20 to $30k. so, i'm really not worried abotu $1800, but i really wnat to know how far legally she could take this because i signed no agreements with her ever. but yes- i have used the ideas she had given me.........again, on the phone, we talk about business topics ,so, many things are discussed, after we hang up on the phone ,i think about what we talked about and who knows what ideas i might want to implement next......agian, there was no agreement that i could not use these ideas.........and all of all this is happening because i wont loan her $2k. The funniest part about this whole thing is her letter to me BEGGING that i give her $2000 because she is being evicted.

    It doesn't sound like you have a valid contract with her for her ideas. I wouldn't worry too much about this but you might want to consult your lawyer just in case she does try to sue you.

    Give her the name and address of your attorney and tell her to send her claim to him (or her). Your attorney will undoubtedly be amused by her claims and will take the stress off you by dealing with this professionally.

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