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    I was robbed at gunpoint once. It was Valentine's day in 1977. I'd worked late for a co-worker and just before closing time, this woman came in with 8-10 kids and sort of unleashed them on the store while she cased the store. The Pharmacist was a very sweet, deaf old guy and he was unaware that anything was going on. He was in the back of the store stocking shelves. The woman came up to me and stuck a pistol in my ribs and asked for the cash drawers content. I gave it to her and she left. She had a prominent scar on her throat from having had surgery, which was the only major Fairmount mark. I went to the police station and looked at mug shots, but saw nobody like her. I never freaked out until I was at the Police Station; then I cried. Two weeks later, she robbed a store in the SAME strip center and was arrested. She wasn't too bright, I'd say. I am always grateful on Valentine's day to be alive. Good luck.

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    Ive seen a guy run out a blockbuster with about 25 DVDs in his hands. i thought it was really funny, but the cashier did not.

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Can I like sew her or take her to court?

  • Erika Orn
    Erika Orn
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    Pat Stoltenberg
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    Valentin Hodkiewicz
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    Clementine Lang
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    Coby Rippin
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    Waylon Cormier
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    Maude Pacocha
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    Keenan Lakin
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    Chad Kilback
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  • Katarina Tillman
    Katarina Tillman