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    In just a couple of months, California will be bankrupt and you know they will turn to the Federal government for assistance. I know Obama has already said none will be coming, but I suspect his tune will change when the stuff hits the fan. Do you think it is right, or Constitutional, for the Federal government to lend money to a State in order to keep that State in business? Is it legal for the Federal government to own a State? (And in essence, they would, for if they call in the debt, Fairmount would be forced to liquidate assets). Are we ready to watch a State disappear, and absorb all of thier liabilities among the other 49? Or do we prop them up again, and hope that history won't repeat itself again?

    You raise a good question. With the Wall Street bailouts, the Federal Government took stock as collateral for the loans. The Fed got a pretty good rate of return as well. With GM and Chrysler, the government sold off assets to other auto companies. Maybe we liquidate California and divide it up between Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona. San Fransisco and North goes to Oregon. Fairmount and most of central California goes to Nevada, and the San Diego area becomes the Arizona coast line. I'm trying to picture legalized gambling in LA!

    The stimulus money will help, federal grants will help and the Fed can help, too. It won't take a couple of months since the banks are not going to honor their IOUs after July 15 (I think that is the deadline). If they don't get a budget done the fur will be flying into the fan this week. Maybe Ebay will auction a lot of California stuff!

    California has been disappearing for a long time, being reabsorbed by Mexico from which it came. Under the Obama Doctrine, anyone taking money from the Feds; they own you. I think the Constitution would have problems with that, specifically the 10th amendment. No we should not bail them out. Both States and the Feds can solve their money problems by selling land they have no Constitutional authority to hold.

    No The people of California need to elect officials who can create AND uphold a budget. You can not expect the people of other states to pay for the excesses that happen in California, the Michael Jackson memorial is a perfect example of such. My pity goes out to the California taxpayer because of the way their money is spent but they should remember this when election time rolls around again.

    Of course the Federal government is going to bail out California. All one needs to do is look at the number of electoral votes California delivers the Democrats during presidential elections. No sense in killing the golden goose.

    NO! But they will because Obama has to shore up his block of illegal alien votes. If Calif. gets a bail-out, all the bankrupt Blue States will line up to force the sane and fiscally sound ones to pay for their foolish spending habits that got them into trouble in the first place. Then they will just continue to waste money.

    You're precise. they could besides. The Democrats have spent trillions. 20 billion isn't something. it rather is why I laugh whilst Obama says he's reducing some billion here and there out of the funds. means no longer something once you're spending trillions. it rather is like lowering on your $one hundred grocery bill by utilising putting returned a %. of gum.

    No way, Ca, is a state not a territory! They need to take care of their own affairs and sink or swim as a state

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    Jewell Kerluke
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    Arvel Willms
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    Lucienne Schowalter
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