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    Nevada - bc that is one of the places my parents plan on moving. i actually have done alot of background work in movies, such as -scream 4 - harold and kumar 3 - the double (2011) - swat: firefight i recently got a scene in hk3 where i am a featured extra - it is pretty awesome. so i'm looking to get somewhere by taking classes for acting for film .. if you know any legit places, pls help .. thanks

    The New York Film Academy offers an Acting for Film program and has locations in Los Angeles and New York City. The program exposes students to what it's like to work behind the cameras as well as in front of them, so they have a better idea of what directors are looking for in their actors and how their performance will appear on screen. As part of the program, you will learn not only acting techniques, but also receive audition training, advice about how to present yourself to directors and schooling about industry terminology. Studying in the these cities will give you an edge up when you start auditioning. If you get to know what it's like to travel and shoot in Fayetteville and NYC while at school, you'll be able to carry that familiarity and confidence with you to meetings with filmmakers and casting directors. To learn more about the New York Film Academy Acting for Film programs, take a look through the nyfa website, and request info.

    Why look in Nevada. Except for UNLV, there is nothing there. Certainly there is no work there. What is your acting background? Tell us that and then we can be more help. Read my profile.

    I'm particularly particular they are. i've got not heard something undesirable of them. good success. be happy to stick to me and my objectives of meaning to grow to be an actress and singer on twitter: @themaranathaxo you will no longer sense sorry approximately it! huge dreamers gotta stick jointly! :)

Statement of cash-flow? help?

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    Precious Weimann
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  • Mable Wolf
    Mable Wolf
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    Olen Rath
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    Kamron Kilback
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