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    2 1/2 years ago, I was on AHCCCS, which is Arizona state insurance for low income people. I had to have exploratory surgery because they did not know what was wrong with me and thought it was a hernia. It turned oit to be ovarian cysts. The doctor told me she did the best she could to get most removed, but is not a specialist and could not get it all. She told me also, that in s few years, they would be bad again and I would need surgery again. I recovered and got work and moved on. None of the jobs I have had offer insurance and NOW this is a pre-existing thing and I would not get coverage for it anyway. THe cysts are back and I am in pain. I need to have my ovaries removed. This is a costly surgery and I do not have savings or make a lot of money. I barely get by as it is. NO WAY can I afford the surgery and the added down time. Is there ANYONE that helps in situations like this? I cannot get a loan to cover it either. I could make small payments once I am back on my feet and working

    If your income is low enough, check into Medicaid. But most important, do not fall for any health plans that sound to good to be true. All of them place what is called a RIDER on the policy. Which excludes all conditions that relate to your problem. Plus most of them have a 24 month cap. Which means you can not be treated for the condition(s) at all during that time. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) - goes by the total ($1,000) of assets, in bank accounts, value of cars, etc. If you qualify and only receive $1.00 in benefits, you get Medicaid automatically. (Social Security takes no consideration what so ever in all your out going bills. I tried only to find out that we have two cars, that denied us. Not to mention the second car has no engine in it. I told this to the Agent. He stated that they go by the resale value. Never even got to the banking stuff.) Social Security Disability Benefits - well this is a tricky one. You can not work at all for 12 months, not even part-time. Have medical documentation to prove this. (But you can work earning a limited income after your approved and receive your first check. Now try to figure this one out.) I am in the same boat as yourself. Had health insurance BCBS, up until I got laid off last July 2006, that covered the entire family. I could not afford COBRA payments for myself ($450) a month, yet alone coverage for the rest of the family. But I did manage to get my 2 children on the Staywell Healthy Kids, payments for both $15 a month. My pre-existing condition started with a nocturnal grand mal seizure Jan 10, 2005. The Fayetteville & MRI showed a brain tumor. A biopsy was performed, LTL (left temporal lobe of the brain), grade 2 giloma, 4cm. March 14, 2005 elected surgery at Moffitt Cancer Center performed the resection of tumor. Presently doing & feeling great! Nocturnal grand mal seizures only. Dilantin:2 100mg 2x daily. So not only is my pre-existing condition of eplipesy (Jan 2005), but also the tumor removed in my brain. You are in my thoughts and prayers, God bless and good luck.


    Go back to where you got state insurance and sign up again. Also look for in the government pages of your phone book for the state agency that handles state aid and call them for ideas. Also contact county, hospitals, medical centers to see if they know where you can get aid. I am concerned that a specialist did not treat you. It seems to me that a OB-GYN should see you. You have not lost the right to decent medical care because of money.

    Insurance usually only go back for pre-existing for conditions you saw a physician for in the last 6 months. Talk to the manager at your physicians office and see if they can make payment arrangements with you. Most are willing to for necessary surgical procedures.

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    Try social security.

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