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    ~ME: I'm a third year undergraduate student from Arizona. I've moved to Washington and will be living here until January. I've spent my summer in British Columbia and spent a lot of time in Alberta. I was accepted to a university in Edmonton, Alberta and will be going in January. ~GOAL: I am trying to put together a budget of monthly, yearly, and one-time expenses that will be involved in my first year in Alberta, Canada. What I need are the things that I will have to pay that I might be over-looking because they are different between the USA and Canada (Either cost wise or the US doesn't have it). I want to make sure I've thought of everything. IF YOU COULD please include the things that I want to make sure I have or for me to look at I would appreciate that greatly. Thanks! (Tuition, Food, Rent, Utilities, Gas, Phone, House Supplies, Entertainment, Personal Hygiene, Medicine, Loan payments, Travel, Car Emergency Fund, Savings: All costs I know will be dependent on myself.) ~BUDGET: MONTHLY ​Alberta Car Insurance YEARLY Alberta Health Insurance ONE-TIME Student Visa

    I would recommend all students do this to budget for their school year, as it is a great idea. For tuition, you should get a rough idea by going to the university admissions website. UofA website shows a sample of the costs for international students. cost for food also can be quite wide ranging, depending on your tastes and how often you eat out. Buying food at the supermarket and brown bagging your lunch can save quite a bit of money. Best bet is to create yourself a sample grocery list of what you may need for a week. Then go to any online supermarket in Edmonton and write down sample prices to get an idea. a dorm is a possibility at some universities in Alberta. See if your school has Student Residences. UofA listed their dorms as $4480 for the eight months of school, and they also have a meal plan (also about $4000) since they don't have fridges and stoves in the dorm rooms. You can cut the dorm costs down to $2800 if you choose a double dorm (two students, one room). If you prefer an apartment, most will cost you at least $700/month for a studio with bathroom. I found about 30 online in the Northwest area of town. Most smaller apartments usually come equipped with appliances and utilities (heating/electricity). mentioned car insurance and car funds. One thing to note is that cars are often expensive methods of transportation in Canada. If you can afford to do without one, it will save you a LOT of money. Gas is at $1.08/L in Edmonton (about $4.10/gal.) Car insurance in Canada can be expensive, especially for young drivers. You may also have to get your car license plates switched to Alberta plates and have it registered there if you will be driving it in the province for over a certain number of days, but I think you are okay as a full time student. If you live near the school, or can take public transit, you may want to consider leaving the car with a friend or in storage back home. Mobile phones are one of the most expensive services in Canada for what you get, compared with many other countries. You can check with Rogers, Fido, Bell Mobility, Telus, and a few smaller companies to see what plans they offer. I would probably recommend Skype to reach family and friends, and maybe look at a Fido pay as you go plan. Speaking of Skype, you may need to get internet service if you can't get free WiFi somewhere close. Again, check with local companies to see what they have to offer. Shaw is the big cable/internet company out there. Entertainment costs are extremely variable. A movie in a theatre will run you anywhere from $8 on cheapy Tuesdays to $15 for the IMAX general admission. But you can find some deals. For example, some museums have free admission days during the month, and some places offer reduced fees when you show a student card. Medicine and hospital costs depends on if you qualify for the Alberta Health Care program. If you don't qualify for AHCIP, then you probably want to get Blue Cross or some other temporary travel insurance, just in case. You never know when you might be crossing the street and get hit by a car or fall sick and need to see a doctor. I think you pretty much thought of all the scenarios I thought of. Do you plan to stay and work between semesters, like winter holidays and summer season? If so, you may need to look at a student work permit and the requirements/limits to that. Otherwise, good luck and hope you enjoy Edmonton!

    Our health care shouldn't be free, we pay taxes, tons of taxes, in return we have a well being card, however on the end of the day we pay for it. Our nation is a attractive country with 4 nice seasons. The men and women are amazing, Canadians do not consider they are the centre of the universetrace,trace, there may be a lot to do right here. Why is that americans are the primary ones to trash us but while you guys travel abroad, you go to pleasant lengths to check out and move as Canadians ie: raise a Canadian flag, wear a Canadian pin, Fayetteville yeah, on the grounds that we're the cherished one around the world. If I weren't Canadian I would want to mimic us as well.

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Are we backpedaling towards slavery?

  • Casandra Rau
    Casandra Rau
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  • Evie Pfeffer
    Evie Pfeffer
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  • Telly Kilback
    Telly Kilback
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  • Evert Cassin
    Evert Cassin
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    Ivy Schmitt
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  • Odell McClure
    Odell McClure
    No. we're not.