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    My husband and I are looking to move out of state (rural Arizona to the Portland area). We were both raised in a rural area and just want to be out of here. We have only lived in one previous apartment prior to the one we do now and have lived in the same SMALL town for our whole lives, so we are really inexperienced looking to "start over". We do have a good renters history. We had no problems at our past apartment, it was just 250 sq ft was simply too small for 2 adults and a bird. We have lived in our current apartment for 4+ years with 0 complaints and never been late on rent/utilities. We do have a pet parrot, but our landlord can vouch that we keep him clean, he's quiet and he's caused no damage to the apartment (we also don't mind paying a pet deposit either). My husband doesn't have a stellar credit history (some issues with a credit card he got at 18), and I really have no clue what my credit score is. I have had a credit card for 3 years and have always paid it off in full at the end of each month, but besides that neither of us have ever had any loans or debts of any kind (never went to college, bought our car cash and live within our means). My husband also got a DUI when he was 18, but that was almost 7 years ago, and he hasn't been in any trouble since. Because of my husband's credit issues and the DUI, I am the sole signer on our current lease and all our utilities. We have both been at the same respective employers for almost 7 years, and while we have a good work history and have been promoted several times over at our current employers, but we will have to find jobs after moving. We aren't qualified for the types of positions you get hired on based off a resume (food service and retail), so we will be moving unemployed (except for me selling stuff on eBay on the side). We have been lanning on moving for about 5 years and do have almost 15K saved to move to cover any deposits on a rental/have something to live on until we secure employment, but really have no way to prove that (all cash, don't really trust banks). Based on what we're working with here, what is the best way to go about looking for a place to live? The rent.com type websites have very professionally managed places that probably aren't willing to give the benefit of the doubt off of good renters/employment history alone. We would be leery of scams trying to find places on craigslist in an area we've only visited a few times too. Any suggestions?

    Almost no one will rent to you without a job. The only ones that will are the slumlords. Your best bet is to get the only into a bank so you can get it on a card and then stay in motels until employed. There isn't a lot of work in most of Oregon, it has a high welfare rate, so you may find it harder then you realize to fid suitable employment. The old DUI will not be a big deal. Small towns in Flowery Branch have a serious meth problem (seems to go with welfare people) so the landlords are more concerned about that.

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