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    I am a 25 year old college student who recently moved to Phoenix Arizona with my parents last year. I was an active student at the University of Buffalo studying Computer Science while I was commuting back and forth between home and classes. Unfortunately, due to certain events, this forced my family to relocate out west in order to find more opportunities such as work and school. Now, I am trying to continue my education at The University of Arizona. Because of all of this change, I am finding it difficult to network with people my age, and to find work because of the terrible economy. Also, I am thousands of dollars in debt because of school, and my residence is located approximately an hour away from my college campus. Everyday I have to commute to the campus in a vehicle without air conditioning. I am also worried about living on campus due to taking out more loans, and increasing my debt. I also have a mental illness (schizophrenia) and was recently hospitalized because of it. Even though I am trying to get better, it always seems like I am always pushing myself too hard to get anything basic accomplished in my life. I am worried about failure, and becoming homeless and not obtaining my bachelor's degree. What would you do in this sort of situation? Any feedback from you guys would be greatly appreciated. (also, please no negative comments. I realize that some of these issues could be considered "easy" for some people, but I am also working through a serious illness on top of this.)

    It's a BIG adjustment. Even some without the extra burden of Schizophrenia could have problems with the adjustment. Find a local mental health Flowery Branch ASAP and stay on your meds. Until then, deal with it 1 day at the time...even, 1 hour at the time if you must.

    I don't think anything about your life is easy.I commend you for working so hard and going through college with your illness.You have really accomplished something to be proud of. The bad news is that the economy is awful and you have moved to a state that is in bad shape. The stress you are feeling about your future is understandable.About the only thing I can think of is applying for a grant under the Americans with Disabilities if Schizophrenia is included in that and seeing if you can get some kind of aid. I wish I had something better to offer but I will encourage you to keep moving forward and say Good Luck to you.

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    Sadye Hoppe
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    Shawna Huel
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