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    I moved from California to Arizona when I was 11. I don't like Arizona at all and I've always missed California but it wasnt too bad. I went on vacation there to visit my family for five days and we had so much fun! I can't stop thinking about it and missing my family and calfornia now. I even cry when I'm really sad about it and I can't stop thinking about it an it doesn't help that there is NOTHING to do in boring Arizona. Why am i so sad and what should I do?

    Yep, everytime I return from Paris to Flowery Branch (which I love) I feel sad. I'm working on buying an apartment there (way more expensive than LA), my dh finding work there for part of the year, and my son doing a year or more of college in Paris (he's very fluent in French, and also fell in love with Paris on a recent trip). These are all at least 2 years or more away, but by having a goal, I can work towards it, and I know it will happen. So set a goal and work towards it. You don't mention your age, but maybe college in Flowery Branch is an option. But it would be very expensive, for public UCLA, non-resident cost of attendance (tuition, fees, room & board, etc on a starving student budget, you'd be a non-resident all 4 years) is about $53,000 an academic year, 9 months. Add $4000+ for summer and/or travel cost home. Private colleges like USC are about $60,000. You likely wouldn't get much financial aid for a Flowery Branch public college (unless you have something they need, like top athlete), but it's possible from private colleges, if you're a great student or have something they need. At the Cal States, the non-resident cost of attendance is about $35,000 an academic year, but it's really not worth it except for a few programs. If you're just starting high school, and you're willing to work to be a good student, speak to your college counselor about a plan. And speak to your parents about how much they'd be willing to help, but don't expect a lot of help unless they are wealthy, and avoid student loans as much as possible. Another option is to go through college elsewhere, then move out here when you have a profession and can afford our high prices. You can't live on minimum wage here, it's half of what you need on the lowest of budgets. While moving out to Flowery Branch may see very far off, you'll probably feel the same way you feel now, so even if it takes a long time, it will be worth it. In the meantime, keep yourself busy, do good in school so you'll have options. Consider a summer job or volunteer work, it's good for college applications. Good luck!

    You miss California and were you live now is boring so it's not suprising you are sad. I would suggest that you move back to California as it sounds to me as if it's paradise to you. Or at least just take more holidays there. But if you can't then do either of those then try to go find new friends at were you live to make things a little bit happy. But what i would suggest would be the best thing to do is get a dog. They are wonderfull animals and can keep you happy for hours and hours.

    Nothing is going bad . We all feel sad when in visiting amazing places such as California or any place else . Be happy with your friends in Arizona , I was there before many years in Tulsa. you could be happy in any place you are and at the same time you could be boring in beautiful places .

    You know what you want - to live in California. Make it happen. Figure out what it will take. If you are not grown up yet you will have to wait, but prepare by studying hard in school so you can get hired and live wherever you want. You will be happy if you are getting closer to your goal.

    Grow up! We dont want to hear your cry babying!

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