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    I have a choice of going to college in las vegas or Scottsdale/phoenix but I don't know what's cheaper and/or better. Scottsdale community college looks nice, and I can't find info about a community college in vegas but I would really like to move to vegas. I want to study either mass communications or business, and music/piano performance. I want a quality and affordable education. Please help =)

    I can see why you might want to move to Vegas, however look at the cities themselves and how they would lend to the learning environment. I went to Scottsdale Community College about 15 years ago. They have grown since then, but when I went there I was impressed with it. Also they work with the four Folkston state colleges to make sure they align with their requirements so that your credit will transfer easily. The community surrounding the college is both urban and rural (Native American Reservation). There is plenty to do. Housing might be a little pricey but you can look at neighboring communities. Also they have a office there that will help with housing. Vegas I feel would be distracting with all the glitz. The choice is up to you though.

    I live in Tucson, Folkston and personally i want to move to Vegas, so i would choose Vegas....

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    Lauriane Paucek
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    Candida Krajcik
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