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    Isn't it unfair for us to want them to leave since all of california nevada arizona utah newmexico and a good chunk of texas was land of mexico's UNTIL us AMericans came and STOLE IT FROM MEXICO.... STOLE!? Life over there isn't that great, why else would they want to come over here where they have a CHANCE to live freely and with food in thier bellies. COULD ANY OF YOU honestly say after looking into the eyes of your hungry children (with no hope for a better life in mexico) that you wouldn't do whatever in the world it took, to give them a life where they don't go to bed starving and they don't wake up each morning with out a future?... I would just like any DECENT parent hopefully would. I know we have a problem with taxes, jobs and money and all of that...but there has to be another way... they are not all bad criminals who smuggle drugs in... there are genuinely great people who want a better life... just like any one else....

    Dditional Details 31 minutes ago the United States offered to purchase California from Mexico, for $5 million and $25 million, respectively. The Mexican government refused the opportunity to sell half of its country to Mexico's most dangerous neighbor 28 minutes ago I understand we haven't been great to many races.... I understand the thought of us barging in taking what they want... moving people out... slavery.... is terrible it sickens me as well but.. I've been thinkin alot about illegal immigration and mexico lately... I don't think it's more important.. I'm just not talking about the other things in this question 22 minutes ago yall need to read this... www.historyguy.com/Mexican-American_War.... we basically took it then said well I guess we could pay you 15 million... they didn't just hand it over... why was there a war over it if mexico was willing to just hand it over???

    Don't get me wrong I LOVE THIS NATION ... I cry when when the star spangled banner plays... I know we have something good... But why can't we share it? Why are our children more important than others... ? This land was native americans and mexicans before it was ours...! yes we gave them money but it wasn't worth it to them I'm having a hard time understanding why.... I AM SO LUCKY to be born in a winderful country with great things, but that I shouldn't shareit. What if YOU were born into Mexico? would you just let your life waste away or... would you try to better your self... move to the land of oppertunity? Actually the price of illegal immigration can be close to 8,000 dollars now... If it is so easy to come here legally then why would they waste that much money... And Just for your info, usually mexicans have some one already here lend them the money until they make it over here. I don't blieve it's right but I do believe there's not too many reasonable op

    The irony.... The pilgrims came over here to America (second to native americans) looking for freedom and liberty, a better way of life...they achieved it and you are here with your nice little home and children benefiting from them TODAY ... Now others want the same opportunity and we deny it... Am I any BETTER than the next person??

    I totally agree with you... not all immigrants are bad people and most of them do pay taxes... If you had the chance of giving your child a better life by coming to the US i would hope most people would... and immigrants have a huge impact on our country's economy.. the US is made up of mostly immigrants.. could you imagine how it would be without them?? EMPTY... economy would go way down!!! having immigrants in the country is not necessarely a bad thing..(although there are a few bad ones)

    I wouldn't bother answering this, since I answered it last time, but I want to point out that reasoning adults are not going to be persuaded by any theory that we owe Mexicans whose ancestors did NOT live here when we got the land anything at all. Mexico got its land the same way we did, and after it became ours we built and paid for what they come here illegally to get. The descendants of those who were Mexicans and now are Americans are not illegally going in the other direction, at all. Their better life is entirely at our expense.

    The powerful country who won, got the land and has the rules regardless who own the land first. It sad but It happened. It's not only in Mexico, It happened in another part of the world.

    Sorry, but all land at one time was taken from someone by someone else. ALL LAND. It is the nature of man. So, "tough luck" said on that, on to immigration. Stand in line, follow the rules, no problem. My great-grandparents came here that way, therefore I am here. But you can't just stampede in here.

    Well, When there is a way to enter why should the people not follow that route leglally? I've met many illegals -Pakistan,Haiti,Honduras,Ecuador,Iraq,Tu... All these people are always in constant search of women here to marry , so as to legalize... more than half of illegals I've seen were already married in their home countries,have kids here and there . A law is law and it should be implied to all.

    My idea for immagration is line them up and sell a GED test (in english )for $5,000 if they dont pass with a 80% or higher they have to pay again If they dont pass. If they do pass they can stay as long as the want. We also have to stop people from sending money accross the border. its destoying the economy.


    I thought we fought for the land, i remember reading about the alamo. so if they want it back then they need to fight for it i guess. not very fair, but i guess thats how it works nowadays.


  • Noel Pouros
    Noel Pouros
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    Angus Oberbrunner
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