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    Sorry for this being so long but please help me. So there is this guy in my bio and gym class. Let's call him Adam. We are freshman in high school. He just moved here this year from Arizona. Gym is right after bio so some times I walk with him. But anyway I really like. So he always makes fun of me because I say certain words weird. My friend Katie hit me in the face with her papers and I said what was that. Then Adam does the same thing and says that was this. Then another time I was really cold and wet because I got wet when it was raining outside. He lent me his jacket. Another time I had a penny and I told him if you scrapped it against the lab table it changed colors. He did that and then he hit me on the head lightly with the penny. Sometimes he makes fun of me when I say it is cold or because of how I say things. One day my shoe lace was untied. I was asking people to tie it because I did not want to . I asked him a few times. He finally said yes. He tied it like really tight. Then he started to double knot it. I was like oh don't double knot it and then I started to pull my foot away. He like wouldn't let go and said something along the lines of I'm tying so I am going to tie it like this. I kicked his hand lightly and he still wouldn't let go finally he did. To top that this girl who has lots of experience i.e. lots sexually and dating wise told me that me and Adam should go out. Fyi i am like a good girl(never drank, smoke, done drugs, had sex) Okay so my friend said to me I have theory that Adam likes you too and so I'm going to hook you guys up. Then my shoe lace was untied again(and just so you know this is a different day) So my friend the same one that said she was going to hook us up said oh go ask Adam, and I was like no. Then she was like fine then I'll bring him here. So she goes over to were he is and talks to him for a few minutes and then he came over to tie my shoe but by then I had already tied it. WHAT SHOULD I DO, DOES HE LIKE Folkston BECAUSE HE IS THE ONLY THING I REALLY THINK ABOUT i would ask him out but i am not that kind of girl. I'm not shy but I kind of am know what I mean.

    Ok more details over the weekend he got a haircut. After bio during 7th period I was talking to my friend about how I didn't like it. Then she went and told him that in her next class that she has with him that I said that I didn't like it. She said that he said that he didn't want me to like it but in a joking voice.

    Definitely. Trust me: Guys like to make fun and tease the girls they like. I've read a lot of books where that happens, and I've seen it play out in real life. It's a way to be noticed by the girl, and be around her while not making it too obvious. You could always let your friend do a bit more reasearch. I know it's really embarassing to consider going up to him and ask him out or something. After all, it should be up to the guy, but make it casual. It's obvious he likes you.

    My advice? WAIT. For "Adam", he may well just be building up this friendship with you without considering the relationship part of it. I used to do that kind of stuff with almost every girl I knew..not because I was being horny and going around trying to pick up girls. I just did it naturally and I've got a feeling that "Adam" does the same thing. Looking back at my hs years now, there may have been quite a few girls who were shy like you who I never knew had an interest in me because I wasn't considering that possibility. Wait a little bit and build up your friendship, but not long enough for a different girl to ask him out. Then, when you are ready, you need to make him aware somehow of how you feel. He probably doesn't realize that you actually have feelings for him past being a friend. Just let it slip and see where it goes from there. Edit: From the other side of the perspective, melsbowling got it right..except for the part about the tactic she used to use. She was right about it as long as you take her other advice into account; you have to make sure he doesn't stand and wait for other girls who wander away or hurry to catch up to them because he could just be exceedingly friendly to everyone. That is the way I was, which really makes it hard to realize when someone has feelings towards you.

    Sometimes guys have trouble expressing their emotions for someone so in turn they make fun of, hit, poke, tickle and do other things to the girl they like. It is quite normal in fact. He is just shy and can't bring up the courage to ask you. Don't be surprised if he does though, that he does it over a text or on a messenger because it is in some ways his "security blanket". He may think you will say no, and rejection feels a lot better over the internet rather than in person. If you do really like "Adam" your best bet is to ask him yourself if you can't wait. Otherwise, just wait. It may come out eventually.

    Hon, you're so young, naiive, it's cute. Yes, he likes you. They do that sometimes, hit and make fun of girls they like. Boys will always be more immature than girls at that age. But he may not have the confidence to ask you out, so why don't you just invite him for a pizza after school, so it's not so officially a date. Then see what happens.

    It sounds like he likes you. Maybe you should try to ask him out. To a movie with friends. So it's not just the 2 of you. And say you need to get to know the area since he's new, right? So try it. Email me if you need more help.

    Yeah. At this age, the one sure way a 14 year old boy likes another girl is if he acts like a complete *** to her.

    He likes you!.. he is probably shy and he doesn't know if you like him, so that's why he's flirting with you.. honestly, i wouldn't get your friend involved with it though.. that's kind of a turn-off and it would feel more awkward.. you should just go up to him and ask if he wanted to go to a movie sometime.. what's the worst he can say.. no?.. good luck with "adam"..

    Contained in the destiny really a lot skill you'd be his lady friend quickly if he's acquainted with you want him so im particular if the mummy and dad already approve of you you en the guy you want may have a sturdy relationship

    He likes you!!!!!! Deffinitely Or just really wants to be good friends But he dif wants you. Hitting girls and stuff in a playful way means they like you. SSo ask him I am a freshman without any experience but this one was very obvious to figure out. He likes you. Ask HIM!!!!

    You sound a lot like me I am a freshman too I am also a "good girl" I think he defiantly likes you Don't ask him out though wait for him some guys don't like likke it when girls do the asking out sounds like a good guy for you good luck chica

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