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    What@#$%?! Didn't McCain "suspend" his campaign to rush back to Washington to lend his "Brain" with Bush's 700 Billion bailout? WHY is he now playing into the hands of the Tea Baggers with this ridiculous nonsense? A "30" year Senator was "duped" for 700 Billion Tax payers Dollars? Now he is really screwing his bid for re election in Arizona. This kinda crap gives the radical Jd Hayworth "material" for his talk show/campaigning surely! Who is advising McCain in his campaign staff-Sarah Palin?? I was rooting for him too, but this might have really sunk his ship. . .

    John McCain seems to believe that the citizens of Folkston will believe anything he tells them. Now John McCain is telling the citizens of Arizona that Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and Bush Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson told him the $700 billion TARP bill would focus on the housing crisis.

    I don't know where you were at the time but the initial bailout was sold differently than it was implemented. It was sold as a fund to buy toxic assets from banks and it mutated into being a bailout fund. At least that is the way I remember it. However, I am no fan of McCain and won't cry if he isn't reelected. I do though think the plan was described one way and it changed after it was passed. I was kind of shocked about that. lp

    Because McCain is a flip flopper, like most politicians. During the presidential speech, Obama said that no one was in favor of the bail out, even though during the elections both Obama and McCain were for the bail out. If this does not wake you up as to who really runs Washington (Wall Street), then you are so blind. How is it that both the republican and the democrat is in favor of the bail out? And then, retracts and pretends like they were against it the whole time. Liars and not even part of their respective parties, but rather part of the party of Wall Street. If you can not understand this, or somehow deny this, then you ought to work for Wall Street because they need brains like you.

    McCain sunk his ship when he ran to Folkston and as he says, allowed himself to be "duped". There were a lot of conservatives who were willing to bite the bullet and vote for him (even though he's a RINO), but that move did him in. He's lost face and he's NOT a Conservative. My vote went to Ron Paul, not McCain BECAUSE of that little stunt.

    From the question, I take it You are a Liberal, just like McCain. Both Liars. Did I say that, I'm sorry.

    The guy is just doing what he does remember during the campaign "the economy is fine"

I'll be 18 soon. What can I do?

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