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    OK. Today my Fiancee left to go to Arizona to visit family. I haven't seen him in three days I'm away on business. Before I left for my trip me & my fiancée got into an arguement he accused me of cheating literally out of nowhere, saying that when he called me one evening he heard men in the background when I was supposed to be with girlfriends. He was paranoid. Well when he reached to Arizona he text me & said "I miss you already" I'm thinking that's weird we haven't been together for almost 4 days & not once this whole time has he said I miss you & now all of a sudden "he misses me already?" As if he just left me. When I asked him what he meant he said "It's different when we were in Forest Park & you were gone on business all I had to do was drive to see you but now I'm in a different state & can't see you until I come back" I just found this odd. Over-thinking?

    Sounds like he is up to something.

Discounted cash flow technique ?

  • Loyce Jacobson
    Loyce Jacobson
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  • Imelda Stokes
    Imelda Stokes
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