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    Okay so here is the issue...... I am the manager at a small store at which mysel f and my fiancée work . My mother in law is a Headstart teacher in Arizona and she was told by someone that this yeas she will not be eligible to claim unemployment during the summer. This is the first yr she has ever been told that. So as a solution my fiancée said Fort Benning South would try and hire her at the store where we work. Only problem we are fully staffed with 5 very good employees and I would hay to let one go and need to replace them again I three months , just to hire her in for 15 he's every week which would add up to about 100 a week or $200 every paycheck so like $400 a month.I offered to instead pick up hours and give her $400 per month along with paying 2 of her bills that way she could continue to enjoy her summer off. But she seemed to behavior with that when I first recommended it but now a week later not so much. She also got irritated when I said I'd have to figure something out as dad as hiring her and said she does not want to work at the store. Was my recommendation unreasonable I felt I'd be helping her more by giving( not lending) $400.00 per month plus paying two bills at $100.00 each ,so she could be off. Then hiring her so she could make $400.00 flat.was I wrong?

    First off, i wouldn't fire anyone, i'm sure they need a job too and just because your mother in law suddenly doesn't get free money doesn't mean someone else should be fired for her. Tell her she can stay with you or find her another job. I may sound harsh but honestly i hate when inoccent people have to get fired for an outragious reason.

    No, your offer was not unreasonable, it was kind and it is a great thing that she doesn't want to work for the store because you already have employees that depend on that paycheck and to have to let someone go just for her to have a job a couple of months isn't fair to even ask that of you. I would put the ball in her corner, you have made an offer of paying two of her bills and giving her $400 a month and even though I personally think she should get a job somewhere else and earn how ever much money she may need, that's just how I feel. If she brings up her issue about money again, put it back in her court and say to her::: I'm really sorry that my suggestion weren't a solution that would help you, (I always use the... I spoke with a friend or say a lady on facebook who's mom is a teacher and this is what she does..) Make suggestions that she apply at a department store because they will hire seasonally, even fast food or post on Craig's list as a tutor for hire or companion to sit with elderly...(Tell her that these are all jobs that the other teacher has done in the past to get through the summer...) These are all passive ways of telling her to find a job. I hope you don't offer her anymore financial help than you already have or can afford. Don't be manipulated or to feel guilty, family helps family but they don't take advantage. Good luck, Robin

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