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    Sorry for this being so long but please help me. So there is this guy in my bio and gym class. Let's call him Adam. We are freshman in high school. He just moved here this year from Arizona. Gym is right after bio so some times I walk with him. But anyway I really like. So he always makes fun of me because I say certain words weird. My friend Katie hit me in the face with her papers and I said what was that. Then Adam does the same thing and says that was this. Then another time I was really cold and wet because I got wet when it was raining outside. He lent me his jacket. Another time I had a penny and I told him if you scrapped it against the lab table it changed colors. He did that and then he hit me on the head lightly with the penny. Sometimes he makes fun of me when I say it is cold or because of how I say things. One day my shoe lace was untied. I was asking people to tie it because I did not want to . I asked him a few times. He finally said yes. He tied it like really tight. Then he started to double knot it. I was like oh don't double knot it and then I started to pull my foot away. He like wouldn't let go and said something along the lines of I'm tying so I am going to tie it like this. I kicked his hand lightly and he still wouldn't let go finally he did. To top that this girl who has lots of experience i.e. lots sexually and dating wise told me that me and Adam should go out. Fyi i am like a good girl(never drank, smoke, done drugs, had sex) Okay so my friend said to me I have theory that Adam likes you too and so I'm going to hook you guys up. Then my shoe lace was untied again(and just so you know this is a different day) So my friend the same one that said she was going to hook us up said oh go ask Adam, and I was like no. Then she was like fine then I'll bring him here. So she goes over to were he is and talks to him for a few minutes and then he came over to tie my shoe but by then I had already tied it. WHAT SHOULD I DO, DOES HE LIKE Fort Benning South BECAUSE HE IS THE ONLY THING I REALLY THINK ABOUT

    I think he totally likes you, but is just a little afraid that you don't like him back. I think that maybe you should make the first move, but first make sure you know if he likes you or not, or it could ruin your friendship.

    Ya he likes you. Why can't you tie your own frikin shoe? Didn't you learn in grade 1? Also, according to what you think is good, then every girl is good at your age, no one has sex at age 14 (only sluts). But anyways, yes.

    Its hard to say if he does or not, it really depends on the type of guy he is. From what you said, it sounds like he has a crush on you. You should ask him out, but if he says no whats the worse that could happen? Take a risk! Plus I bet he will say yes, it seems he really likes you! <3

    At some point mainly way you'll be his female friend quickly if he is aware of you prefer him so im certain if the mother and father already approve of you you en the fellow you prefer could have a well courting

    He likes you! i'm really shy and i've asked a guy to hang out before, just ask him to hang out and watch a movie or something. answer mine?

    Ask him out. its a done deal.

    Ask him out

    Deffinitly likes you go for it

    Yeah he does

    He absolutely adores you. :-)

Tanf-How much will youget for 1 kid Montly?

  • Kyra Schoen
    Kyra Schoen
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