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    Smoking Joe- I don't need much time....crimes of this nature happen often. 93 percent of Black homicides are by African Americans this is from the Dept. Of Justice web site. Also a black on white violent crime happens 39 to 1. Black on white rape is thousands to 1.......so why this story.......not the kid set on fu#k!mg fire. Why not the couple that was raped and mutilated......why this story ....because white on black is so rare........whites do not protest because it happens every day....blacks do not protest black. on. Black because it happens every hour......George Zimmerman is Hispanic and still portrayed by MSNBC as white.......please take your time.

    Mommanuk- it lends to the credibility that George was there. He did not run because he thought he was in the right. The fact that people run from a scene is an indication they do not want to get caught as they have done something wrong and do not have remorse for their action. Be smarter than that.....take the time that smoking Joe is taking.

    Mommanuk- it was answered in my first comment to smoking Joe. Killing with no remorse. 93 % black on black. You know racism is a dying thing with whites and Hispanics growing up to have political, entertainment, and sports idols... It is Msnbc the Jesse Jackson's and Sharptons of the world keeping it alive for profit. We live in a country that elected a minority as president.what other country has done that. Two black Sec. Of Defenses........No I believe all are tried the same......but chances are when 12% of the population are committing the most crime, repeat offender is the true burden in court.

    If an ethnic group.does feel.they are being disproportionatly singled out. The answer is to come together and rally to quit committing crimes and change the stigma.....the thing about stereotypes is they are born of truth. See a creepy old man hanging out by the school. Be suspicious:..........See a kid wearing a hoodie walking( not on the sidewalk) in a neighborhood where you recognise the people that live there. Be suspicious...........See a Hispanic walking through an Arizona desert with a backpack. Be suspicious.......See a group of skinheads hanging out on a corner you have to walk by.be suspicious:.....and also tell me why he didn't run home when he could have in 8 to 20 seconds if his only agenda was to get some candy and go watch the game. Your reading it like Zimmerman stalked him from the photo of the area he only ran around the corner of the building to see which way he went. Listen to the tapes and quit listening to what MSNBC is telling you.

    In the first place, you don't watch MSNBC because Big Brother tells you not to, so you have no experience from which to speak. Second, the issue is not the race of the people involved. It is about the different treatment of the people involved based on race. Tell me what would have happened if it had been a black man who shot down an unarmed white teenager, and we can talk. As to all the other black on white crimes you people keep posting, tell me in which case the perpetrator was still on the scene when the cops get there but he was allowed to walk out after a little questioning and no collection of forensic evidence. You will find that all the black perpetrators were either arrested immediately or put on a wanted list, something that never even came close on Zimmerman. Edit: None of which leads to the "death of MSNBC". Ever wonder why the black perpetrators run and Zimmerman didn't? Take your time. I realize it will mean grasping the concept of equal treatment under the law, but if you really try, you can get it.

    Why are you human beings dashing to crucify the Sanford Police branch. my working with the Seminole County Sheriff's place of work has delivered me into close touch with no longer purely low officers from that branch yet additionally severe up officers. The Sanford Police branch refused to launch a great kind of counsel after the homicide it somewhat is extra suitable than possibly the rationalization this started, in spite of the undeniable fact that think of approximately it for a minute with a rational and independent innovations. If somebody instructed you some thing and you have been investigating it would you're making a sparkling assertion approximately it earlier the study is over purely to be shown incorrect while the study is over? in case you answer no to that question you're extra suitable than possibly a liar or somebody who only does not have consumer-friendly experience. So while issues began to warmth up chief bill Lee (chief of Sanford Police branch) grow to be between the 1st human beings to ask for no longer purely the FDLE (Florida branch of regulation Enforcement it somewhat is our state regulation enforcement employer) yet additionally the FEDERAL branch of Justice to help check out this for an independent answer, the rationalization Zimmerman grow to be no longer arrested and remains no longer arrested is the Self protection regulation, which certainly states that if somebody as attacking you and you used stress it somewhat is okay, now whilst i think of the regulation may be misinterpreted in this difficulty the Sanford Police branch has it somewhat is hands tied, it can not make an arrest because of the fact it may be violating state regulation. Granted Zimmerman did issues that he grow to be no longer meant to do (specifically following Trayvon) yet nonetheless, you ought to bear in mind that Zimmerman did no longer pop out with out injuries by any means, he had to pass to the well being center to have medical doctors reset his nostril in place. so as that makes me think of Trayvon would possibly no longer have been completely harmless like the mum and dad are claiming, one extra undertaking on the subject of the information. the information is only showing photos of him from while he grow to be 10-13. Trayvon grow to be 17 years previous while this took place, why do no longer we get to work out a image of him now? possibly it is so we don't see what a hood he grow to be. for my area i visit guard the Sanford Police branch to whoever needs to undertaking me, yet next time please attempt to work out the two aspects earlier asking this way of ridiculous question approximately this.

    Why are we seeing so little about the 2 black kids that lit the white kid on fire? Funny, they even use the word 'alleged" when referring to the crime...... Zimmerman never got any such courtesy, he just got a bounty put on his head by Spike Lee. Fort Gordon Times gave it almost three lines: reporting from a smaller paper made page 5:

    Even if what you say is true, how is bias going to kill the network? These days it seems like the more biased you are, the better ratings you get.

    So, why was there no investigation at all going on until protests and the public outcry started? Take your time.

    I give MSNBC credit for bringing this case to National attention and hope justice will prevail at the end

    To answer your question; MSNBC only exists to be the outlet for liberal propaganda its been dead as a news source long ago. Their pundits are nothing more than paid union hacks....

    The local Florida outlets are LEAKING STORIES FROM THE POLICE TO PROTECT ZIMMERMAN. God, you conservatives are stupid.

    Nope. There's a LOT of stupid liberals in the country/

    NOBODY is more biased than fox.

Info about my credit score.?

  • Berry Stiedemann
    Berry Stiedemann
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  • Amiya Muller
    Amiya Muller
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