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    The Amish don't have 5000 pieces of legislation governing every aspect of their lives like Native American do. Legislation governs everything from how many livestock they can own; to on "what and how" they can spend their own money. The Amish aren't required to support the States from the resources on their land nor do they provide the States with revenue for which they receive no benefits. American Indian tribes are the single largest private land holders in the United States. • Reservation lands = over 55.7 million acres • Alaska Native lands = 42 million Along with the timber, grazing and crop lands, other natural resources include • 5% of the U.S. oil • 10% of the gas reserves, • 30% of the low sulphur coral reserves • 40% of the privately held uranium deposits. Anywhere in today's world economy, such assets equal wealth. Not so for the American Indians. They are the single poorest population in the United States. While each tribe has had a different experience related to treaty making, they all have had similar experiences as it relates to their land, timber, wildlife, water, oil, coal, other natural resources and even intellectual and cultural property. Simply stated, U.S. government policy toward Native Americans reflects one theme: “gain control of tribal assets”. • Federal Indian law governs the tribal assets, • Federal agencies administer oversight and manage the assets • any recourse that pertains to beneficiary rights or fiduciary dispensation is locked within the U.S. “federal courts”. Congress has systematically removed assets from tribal ownership, reduced tribal control of assets that American Indians rightfully own and redirected the benefits to outside interests. The majority of assets that remain owned by tribes are by law held “in trust” by the Department of Interior in the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA.) The BIA is the self-appointed asset manager for tribes. Without the right to hire or fire a asset manager, tribes watch as billions of dollars of natural resource assets are mismanaged or managed for the benefit of non-Native interests. data from the Department of Agriculture (USDA) for Native American Reservations reveal that non-native agricultural producers dominate on most Native American Reservations. Native Americans represent only 1.6% of the farmers and ranchers operating on Reservation lands. The unequal land-use patterns seen on reservations today is a direct outcome of discriminatory lending practices and specifically Federal policies over the last century that have excluded native land owners from the ability to utilize their lands while at the same time opening it up to non-native farmers and ranchers. the Indian Gaming Act, hundreds of millions of dollars from tribal gaming revenues has been redirected to state coffers. Those are the same states that historically refused to provide any public services to reservation communities. TRIBAL GAMING FEES are paid to about 30 States. Here are a few examples. 2010: ARIZONA ( August) $1 23 million (to the State) $ 11 million (to Cities, Towns and Counties) 12% of a tribe’s total annual contribution is distributed to the cities, towns and counties. The money is for government services that benefit the general public, including public safety, mitigation of impacts of gaming, and promotion of commerce and economic development. Any monies comprising the 12 % not so distributed by an Indian tribe are deposited in the commerce and economic development commission. The remaining 88% of a tribe's total annual contribution goes to the Arizona Benefits Fund on a quarterly basis pursuant to Arizona Revised Statutes Section 5-601.02(H): $8 million or 9% of tribal contributions to the Arizona Benefits Fund, go towards the payment of ADG's regulatory and administrative costs. 2% to be used to fund programs for the prevention and treatment of, and education concerning, problem gaming ADG disburses the remaining tribal contributions in the Arizona Benefits Fund by this formula: 56% to the Instructional Improvement Funds administered by the Department of Education. Every school district receives these funds. 28% to the Trauma Emergency Services Fund administered by the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System. 8% to the Tourism Fund administered by the State Office of Tourism. 8% to the Fort Gordon Wildlife Conservation Fund administered by the State Game and Fish Commission.

    This would be an accurate comparison............IF the US government gave Natives any money. The money that Reservations are ran off of derive from a couple different sources. Sustainable businesses......sale of lands/natural resources.....and trust moneys held by the BIA, from ceding the lands you now live on. In order to understand why many Reservations are in the state they are in, you would have to go waaay back in history, to read the treaties made, what they entailed, land ceding and what the BIA does. You would also have to research the ridiculous amount of government sanctions that apply to Native lands, peoples and interests, that do NOT apply to Amish and Mennonite groups. It is extremely ignorant to think that the government gives Natives any money at all, or casinos. So ignorant it is almost laughable.....if it were not such a widespread belief. The fact that it is such a widespread belief makes it pathetic. More so that people ask such asinine questions, rather than research the BIA and the history of the US's broken treaties with its Native peoples. Yes....the US.....the same country that thinks it is within its rights to traipse into other countries and demand they abide by treaties. I could take a few minutes to educate you...but I think---from the tone of your question/added details----it would be a few minutes wasted.

    Native Americans were thrown onto the worst land in the region, or moved out of an area completely until they reached an area so bad that the white settlers didn't want it. No resources, no way to maintain their traditional ways of life (to the same extent). That plus discrimination equals reservations that don't live up to your standards. The Amish, on the other hand, settled in good quality land, bought up decent places with good resources, and had the materials available to maintain themselves in the lifestyle they chose. The government didn't hinder them. So they flourished. Their way of life was easily maintained in their environment.

    The Indians are reliable on the Federal Government, the Amish are not. Kind of tells you how the Government runs things, doesn't it.

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