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    Perspective; While the Fed and Obama prattle on about targeting unemployment and trying to restore economic growth, the whole world sees the Fed's decision to print $600 billion to buy treasuries for what it is: Papering over the debt. Interestingly, in the Reuters report, they quote Herbert Kaufman, professor emeritus of the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University as saying, "Since they are a large holder of U.S. Treasuries. it is not to their advantage to downgrade." Except it was not a hypothetical. They have downgraded us, because they understand that printing hundreds of billions of monopoly money is nothing more than the "pretended payment" of debt Adam Smith warned against in The Wealth of Nations. This is getting bad. If tough decisions are not made to balance the budget, pay down the debt, and stabilize the dollar, we are likely in just a few years to lose our status as the world's global reserve currency. Our creditors are getting ready to pull the plug. They are reaching the tipping point. What is the tipping point? Nobody knows for certain.But the numbers speak for themselves. The Chinese hold $868 billion of treasuries. The Fed will print about $600 billion every year for the next three years to buy treasuries, increasing its own balance sheet from $2.34 trillion to $4.14 trillion if all other things remain constant. That will increase the Fed's treasuries holdings to $2.6 trillion. That's a 76 percent increase in the Fed's balance sheet, which when you factor in leveraging and the central bank's lending capacity throughout the banking system, could in theory result in about a 38 percent depreciation of the dollar. But it could be worse, when you consider that the Fed's purchases will constitute a 214 percent increase in the central bank's treasuries holdings. So, if you're China, you either 1) hold onto your assets (and keep buying) and eat the 38 percent loss; 2) slow down purchases and still take a 38 percent loss; 3) stop purchases and accept the 38 percent loss on remaining assets; or 4) stop buying and actively dump the assets as fast as possible for whatever you can get because the dollar depreciation will actually be much larger than 38 percent. The tipping point is fear. It is panic. It is when the Chinese and others believe they will get less money in return for holding the assets than by selling them for whatever the market will fetch.

    It certainly is tipping in the direction of hyper-inflation. A similar fate was met by Zimbabwe, Brazil, Ecuador and Bosnia, when they also started printing up more money to try to jump start their economies during steep recessions.

    I think about it a lot. I just don't understand how the fed can just keep printing money without it affecting the value of the dollar. The US is TRILLIONS of dollars in debt. The Fed prints money to buy our own bonds. How does that work? I mean If I get into a huge amount of debt can I just print my own money to pay it off? No! Why does the government get to do it? Things just can't continue like this. The only people who ever talk about it are conservative talk show hosts like Glenn Beck. Liberals just say he is a crazy fear monger. What really scares me is there are people in the government who would like to sensor talk radio. There are also billionaires like George Soros who would like to do the same. If the value of the dollar crashes the price of basic goods will skyrocket. Then things will REALLY get crazy in this country. Some people think it's actually a grand plan. Crash the dollar to create a huge emergency and panic. Then the government can step in and say Fort Gordon everyone "this is what we have to do, we have no choice, just follow our instructions and everything will be OK, Oh, and please turn in all of your guns". My wife thinks I'm crazy because I have been buying extra canned food and water.

    Obama did something bad,really bad.I live in China now,and suddenly everything is becoming pricey,only in these recent few weeks.Meat,rice ,apples,eggs are twice dearer than before.inflation is really bad.I hate Obama!Why did he do this?It is really irresponsible! ! !! ! !! !!

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