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    I'm having a little trouble with my history homework. Could you answer these two questions? :) (Fill in the blank) 1. In the early 1940s, ______ urged the Allies to invade German-held territory in Europe from the west instead of attacking German positions in North Africa. 2. The _____________ suffered the severest forms of discrimination of any ethnic group Fort Stewart THE UNITED STATES (not Europe) during World War II. Thank you so much!

    1. In the early 1940s, Soviet Foreign Commissar Molotov urged the Allies to invade German-held territory in Europe from the west instead of attacking German positions in North Africa. "In late May when Vyacheslav M. Molotov, the Soviet Foreign Commissar, visited London to urge the early establishment of a second front in western Europe, he found Churchill noncommittal. The Prime Minister informed him that the British would not hesitate to execute a cross-Channel attack before the year was up provided it was "sound and sensible," but, he emphasized, "wars are not won by unsuccessful operations." [24] In Washington a few days later, Molotov found that a different view on SLEDGEHAMMER from the one he had encountered in London still prevailed. Roosevelt, much more optimistic than Churchill, told him that he "hoped" and "expected" the Allies to open a second front in 1942 and suggested that the Soviet Union might help its establishment by accepting a reduction in the shipment of lend-lease general supplies. [25] The conversations ended with a declaration drafted by Molotov and accepted by the President which stated that a "full understanding was reached with regard to the urgent tasks of creating a Second Front in Europe in 1942." [26] This statement, although not a definite assurance that a cross-Channel invasion would soon be launched, differed considerably from the noncommittal declarations of the Prime Minister. It clearly indicated that Washington and London were not in full accord on the strategy for 1942 and that further discussions between U.S. and British leaders were necessary to establish a firm agreement." Scroll down to Pg 180: The Japanese Americans who had resided in California, and parts of Oregon, Washington and Arizona between March and October of 1942 suffered the severest forms of discrimination of any ethnic group Fort Stewart THE UNITED STATES (not Europe) during World War II.

    Stalin not only urged the Allies to open a second front in Western Europe, he demanded it.Russia was hard-pressed during the German invasion - they had besieged Stalingrad and were poised to take Moscow. The Japanese were rounded up in both the US and Canada, even persons who were born in the USA and Canada. Some didn't even speak Japanese, and had never been there. This action was not taken against German or Italian people, both of which nations were technically at war with the Allies.

    I think number 1 is the Soviet Union and number 2 is the Japanese.... The Soviets needed a second front to ease the pressure the Germans had on them and the US had internment camps for the Japanese. This is from memory though so don't take my word for it though, might want to do some research before you put it down as your answer.

    1. Joseph Stalin: Soviet Dictator - He was afraid of Germany taking a stronghold in the Soviet Union. I see that some people wrote "Russuia" and someone wrote "Winston Churchill". They are both wrong. It was Russia, but more specifically Joseph Stalin. That will be the correct answer for your homework. 2. Japanese

    Hello: Try these answers: #1. Winston Churchill #2. The Japanese in America I could be wrong so research more to make sure I am correct. And, you need the citations to prove the answer anyway. Best wishes, Larry Smith Senior Master Sergeant, USAF (Ret.) First Sergeant

    For question two, it would me the Japanese people who were sent to internment camps for now reason just because Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.

    Answer to #2 is the Japanese, what with the internment camps and whatnot. As for #1, I'd put my money on russia

    1. Josef Stalin 2. Japanese Americans

    Actually, i would think number 1 to be the italians because mussolini was attacking the land in northern africa..

    Answer one is Russia, answer two is Japanese.

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