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    Like most of the country, Adrian, I am very much for the law, which differs little from Federal Immigration law currently on the books. This recent Arizona initiative was simply about moving local law enforcement into the fray, and it did so allowing for repercussions for law enforcement agencies within Arizona not following through with addressing illegal immigrants in their jurisdiction. The accountability measures are intended to ramp up what the Federal Government has thus far refused to do in regard to protecting its citizens. You indicated in response to a different question asked that you are a young, second generation citizen from parents who immigrated properly and complied with the law to live here legally. Most here appreciate the distaste expressed by legal immigrants willing to weigh in and their descendants who make clear that problems created by illegals in terms of economic damage over wage suppression and massive job losses in our country, as well as the very recognizable personal safety issues and social program costs are seen for what they are. The rest of us recognize when someone can describe the background you did elsewhere and indicate clearly that you are against illegal immigration it can provide a powerful statement. Among the things our citizens are somehow expected to accept and put up with since the illegals refuse to honor authority within their new land are angry and inflammatory rallies by groups such as La Raza indicating quite clearly their goal of reclaiming Southern California and other parts of our country's southwest for "the race". Did some of the rest of you hear the speech made by Ron Gochez, an LAISD social studies teacher who endorses revolution and inflames unrest, while trying to incite actions that should be abhorrent to all? I will include a link for any who have not heard with quite this level of clarity what those who belong in this country and have rights as a citizen are up against. Curiously, his own performance as an educator and that of his students appears to mean little or nothing to him. Please consider the following: As a social studies teacher, according to the Santee school's website, one might assume he should know better than to refer specifically to the Mexican audience gathered with him as a race rather than an ethnicity, but perhaps a review of some of his High School’s enrollment and performance data might lend perspective here. The Santee school he teaches at lists a 91.8 % Hispanic student body population with only 2 white girls and 2 white boys total enrolled in the high school. The drop out rate is reported with an adjusted rate across 4 years at 40.3% for grades 9-12. And this teacher who appears in front of the video camera to revel in firing up an audience fails to do so at a staggering rate in his own classroom. The Los Angeles Unified School District Accountability Report Card indicates Mr. Gochez’ students, testing along with classmates on the History-Social Science portion of the State's standardized exam, failed to grasp the expected basic skills and objectives scoring at a rate of only 8% capable of performing at an acceptable level defined as “meeting or exceeding state standards”. His students were evaluated as the second lowest performing academic group under review, since the Santee mathematics achievement results were even more dismal with only 3% reaching the defined acceptable level. Some people like controversy, and I expect Mr. Gochez, like so many of his compatriots, cares little about who he offends. It doesn’t matter if it is the bulk of the country, apparently, only that he personally is recognized as a leader for illegal Hispanics through ugly hate speech tinged with racism and the liberals’ favorite word, xenophobia, which in his case actually stands up to its definition. The rest of us could do without this man teaching upcoming generations whatever he has been for those remarkable performance scores. Maybe as an Hispanic teacher in an almost all Hispanic school, anger and hatred is all that is really considered germane for the task. And just in case a few far left leaning liberals reading this object, much as we assume the illegals will, those of us who have been life-long citizens and many who've earned that right as newcomers since their arrival absolutely object to what is going on and the very vocal cries for revolution from the massive numbers of illegals already here. Do you really think we are just going to stand idly by while you actively pursue what Aztlan and La Raza proponents’ term reclaiming their lands? Since illlegals and liberals alike have shown a willingness to use name-calling as a tactic they assume might belittle mainstream American citizens into a softer position by repeatedly shouting xenophobia, the words actual definition is probably deserving of comment here, as well. The definition offered by the vast majority of dictionaries linked online indicate clearly the terms "irrational", "unreasonable", or "undue" being paired with the fear of strangers or foreigners to give the word its meaning. If you follow the link offered here to the Reconquista speech by Mr. Gochez, or even simply acknowledge the massive statistical data supporting the devastating economic impact and personal safety issues resultant from the invasion, I believe any honest, thinking person should understand who more clearly satisfies an actual definition of xenophobe or xenophobic. Is there anyone out there willing to try to suggest we have no reason for fear from this group? Does outspoken charge for revolution mean anything to you or willingness to openly offer the goal of reclaiming lands? Many of us are now aware of the ugly undercurrent the illegals hoped would go unnoticed long-term and perhaps never be recognized. And once it's recognized, they're betting it will be allowed to continue to go on without being addressed. Most here believe otherwise. Now back to your original question, Adrian, of course any reasonable, thinking citizen who currently recognizes the value and importance of their rights as a citizen must favor an entirely new approach to control of the border and dealing with illegal immigration. Arizona's willingness to restate Federal law to help provide for local enforcement is just a long overdue step. It also appears to be one with a great deal of support from surrounding states who are likely to follow with their own version to ramp up some measure of control that the Federal Government has thus far abdicated on behalf of its citizens.

    I am all for the law. Your are correct in saying that the feds screwed up. It isn't that they screwed up they do not care. Why are those kids in Fort Valley HS suspended because of the cinco de mayo celebration. The celebration should be at home not in the school system. I think all Americans should send to J. Brewer a special note of thanks for having the balls that th Prz. doesn't have. We should be behind her all the way. On TV sunday, a newscaster asked your friend and mine Janet Napolitaino about the letters she wrote to washington for help and the fact the illegals were over running her state, and requested help then and now she is against it and says it is not that bad. What a ***** the women is.

    Completely for it. For those of you who aren't aware, the law has been amended to state that police still need reasonable suspicion to believe a SEPARATE offense has been committed in order to ask for someone's papers. The police have always had the power to ask for Fort Valley if there's reasonable suspicion that a crime has occurred. Therefore, nobody can legally be pulled over/stopped just for being Hispanic. Will there be some pre-textual traffic stops due to people being Hispanic? Probably, but ask an inner-city black person what happens if they drive a mile over the speed limit. Bottom line, if you're illegal, you have no grounds to complain. Hopefully other states follow Arizona's lead.

    Against it. Asking someone who looks suspicious of being illegal is discriminating and is racial profiling. What are some signs that someone could be illegal? Someone who is brown, has an accent, etc.? This law is just going to cause problems and it upsets me that so many people are in support of such a hateful law. Dermager, that is a great SNL quote.

    I'm sorry that you believe that someone would be stopped for being Hispanic, but please read the bill before you make any judgement. It isn't right to stop a person because they are Hispanic, you are correct. As Governor Brewer and the bill's supporters truthfully asserted, "Racial profiling will not be tolerated" Thanks.

    I'm for it. We need to stop the flood of illegal immigrants. They are taking jobs from Americans and causing problems for law enforcement. As we have seen on the news there was a deputy that was shot in Arizona while trying to stop some illegals. They are a drain on our economy because a lot of them don't have jobs and we have to supply their needs. How are Americans treated in Mexico? We would not be treated humanely as the illegals are treated here.

    For the law, of course. I have nothing against LEGAL immigration, but the ILLEGAL immigrants need to go back home and if they want to come back then do it the right way. There are a lot of people waiting to come here so why should they be allowed to jump the line?

    Against it 1, the possibility of being hassled by police on every corner is disturbing 2, if people fear the cops no one will report anything (so for all those in favor good luck when you get mugged and no one "sees nothin") 3, instead of wasting time with constitutional offenses the police should concentrate on street crime, now if Fort Valley wants to be the Los Angeles of the 1980s with its 1000 murders a year (before Chief Gates' SO 40) then they can go right ahead

    This is not a race issue that so many want to label it as. I think that this just one of many tools that will be used to force the federal government to get of their butts and do something. George Bush Sr. tried to with NAFTA, but it did not work because of corrupt officials in Mexico. Yea for Fort Valley for forcing the feds! Racial Profiling ? Yea...Right....... When they can not speak engilish.............

    The federal government doesnt do its job of border controls. therefore this was necessary in AZ. especially considering the VERY HIGH crime rates there. bottom line, fed govt screwed up,a nd Fort Valley must save themselves

    Well, I'm for it. Alot of people are playing the race card, but we would do the same thing to canada if we had a problem like this with them. This country is being flooded with people who aren't legal citizens, and that is a problem. There is no getting around that.

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